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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hurricanes of Life!

Above mess caused by a hole in the roof and ceiling (see picture below).

Day 1 apres Hurricane Ike

I like change.  I really do.  LOVE construction, rearranging furniture (often).  I really should have gone into design work because it floats my boat.  As the illustrious Stephen Drucker (ex-editor of House Beautiful) said:  "I can't help myself."  However, IKE rather forced us to redo.
 So that was 2.5 years ago:  big, BAD storm!

2006 - 2008
We may have been living with "builder's beige and cruddy carpet" BUT...

this was a calm season in life...lovely memories.)

September 13, 2008
 #2 (Stormy) Son and I enjoying a stunning sunset.  9 days without electricity!

And so we had a mess after the hurricane and "got" to recarpet and paint.  Our home ended up prettier, thanks to Ike! I'd call it a silver lining.

We turned to Sherwin Williams Restrained Gold and wiped out that "builder's beige."  Also bit the bullet for an upgraded with a cream trellis.  I {{{LOVED}}} it. 

If we didn't have enough going on, we adopted Duke.  He was rescued from the storm down in Galveston that was really slammed by Ike. 

Our first at first sight.

We were in the middle of the remodel and BEFORE that good carpet was laid, my boy Duke, ummmm.....ruined the (entire) dining room carpet.  If you catch my drift.  A storm within a storm.  A traumatized dog adjusting to a new home going through a mess of construction.  L-O-V-E-L-Y.

We actually got through the redo quickly and without (a lot) of pain.  Thank goodness for St. Steve who had an "in" with the contractors.  That guy, Steve! 

Two and a half years later, we are ripping OUT the carpet downstairs. I told you I like change.  My dogs (note:  'my.'  My Guy doesn't claim them at times) have ruined it!  Stains yes...but also their claws tore the carpet up, literally.   Thanks to a baby gate, Duke & Stella are not allowed up stairs; so pretty carpet remains there.

And today:

A mess. 

A BIG mess.  We're even ripping out the hardwood in the foyer.  The 18" square tile that's in our kitchen is being laid as I speak.  This particular tile would not be my first choice had we built the home.  BUT already I can tell it's what we need.  No more patchwork (i.e., hardwood, carpet, tile).  One smooth floor...a constant throughout.  Plus - it's dog friendly!

In the middle of this mess; a BIGGER mess interrupted.  Yes, it has to do with (Stormy) #2 Son.  I'm just glad I get to rearrange my home over the long weekend.  It'll take my mind off a storm brewing...too close to heart and home.

I hope that your life is calm,
 no storms on the horizons.

Or if you need a distraction; just rearrange some furniture!


Girl Meets Paris said...

Oh VIrginia... not sure what to say... storms are the worst... storms of any kind, but esp. kid storms.

Having my quiet time in 5... I will be praying for you and yours!


annette said...

Me, too, Virginia. Praying for R. and his return to the safe haven of the Lord's Will for his life. I am praying for you especially and for parents of prodigals whose hearts break over and over again, restraining from rescuing and holding on to the last thread of Hope. I love you dear friend. Hold tightly. He has a good plan for Reed.

jill said...

vava - been thinking about you today... i can't wait to see the "after" pix. it always seems worth it in the end. take care. peace, love and strength... ~jill :)

Dianne said...

Wisdom and prayer for you and Reed.
The house is going to be beautiful...I am so glad you're doing it this weekend....perfect timing.

Pam said...

I have been thinking of you...xo