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Sunday, June 26, 2011

No Fireworks...please!

There will most likely be a ban on fireworks due to the Texas drought!  It's quite hot here.  Yet, our gorgeous Dynamite Red Crape Myrtles finally blossomed.  We have two - on both sides of the house.  We thought something happened cuz everyone else's crape/crepe (sp???) myrtles have been in full throttle.  We had our downpour last week and look!

How funny that her name has an explosive connotation.  Planted by our homestead - thar she blows!  We sure don't need fireworks around here: either the physical OR literal type!  Thank you, very much!
On this very day our sermon was on JOY and we're told it's a must, i.e., a command in The Bible.  Read 1 Thessalonians 5:16 a few times.  Ben Stuart preached on it today.  He tells us:  "Every time there is a 'when,' we rejoice." 

Even today WHEN you-know-who is slipping and we see a shadow of darkness appear?

Ok, Lord....HOW!?  Oh, yea.  Joy is a gift.  We receive this gift through The Holy Spirit WHEN we seek and ask! 


...even WHEN the fuse has been lit!

As I tiptoe away from the fireworks of the flesh (it's so dangerous!), I contemplate on a sovereign God!  And I am filled with joy at the thought that MY GOD is stomping on that fuse for me

The joy of the Lord is your strength. (Vava)
Nehemiah 8:10

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Marvels of Monday!

Isn't it marvelous what green spray paint and a new drum shade do to an almost 10 year old lamp?

I had a MARVELOUS field trip to Arbor Gate today...for some lavender.
(and they promised these would do well here with good soil, sun and afternoon shade!)

And while in my backyard; I couldn't help but admire this marvelous bit of nature.  Love this plant!
Anyone know what it is???

Sis-in-law painted this whimsical bit of artistry to hang on her screened-in back porch.
Isn't it A-MA-ZING????  Quite marvelous, really!

MARVELOUS Monday began early for me with my cup of coffee and some quiet time.  "Jesus Calling" is a favorite of mine.  It's written as if Christ is talking directly TO you.  And, almost every day..He does.  To me!  Today was no different...

     (if you don't have this book, take a minute to read today's!  You'll be blessed!)

I've been intentional in seeing God in everything.  Trying to.  It's a VERY cool way to live out your day!  And, He gifted me with my favorite sound - yes, friends, you know what I love.  The coo of a dove.  I could hear him so well.  And I looked out my bedroom window and there he was.  Showing off.  JUST FOR ME!

(a poor picture taken from inside...but no matter.  He was there singing TO ME!)

Mondays are my day off and it's been simply MARVELOUS! 

My prayer is that I walk with The Spirit and with eyes wide open tomorrow - at work, running errands, doing life.  Try it, you'll like it!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Doing LIFE!

     I've had two months since my last post to refocus on LIFE.  It's been full.  Working part time has been interesting.  I started out questioning myself.  Self:  why are YOU here?  But, with great counsel  (now a dear friend) by a wise just really leaning into it.  Leaning on God, yes.......and what I cannot do, He can! And I can say that now I am enjoying it so much.  It brings me joy and LIFE.

     As much as I love entertaining, the preparation for a wedding shower at the homestead yesterday forced My Guy and I to focus Around the House and in the Garden (yes, it IS a book title!).  What I cannot do, he can (small "he" vs large "He")!  I'd like to take this time to nominate My Guy as Best Husband of The Year!!!  Dug beds, laid flagstone, hauled dirt, planted, washed windows, mended fences.  Without complaint.
This bed was enlarged; but due to the Texas drought, our new plantings are really suffering...

Sometimes smaller is more do-able.  Surely I can keep the pots alive!

     Life is good.  I am surrounded by good teachers.  All the day.  As long as I'm intentional about keeping my eyes, heart and mind OPEN; I plan to learn.  The wise woman once said to me a year ago (and this is huge!). 
Does [insert activity] give you LIFE?'s been twirling around in my head since she first mentioned it.  At that time; "it" wasn't.  So I quit.  There is a popular song on right now by Adele with the catchy phrase "I coulda had it all."  Love the tune; but I don't want that as my theme song!  We CAN have it all!!!!!  I don't mean the material things; but those things that count!  Peace, joy, harmony, love!  And so, that's what I've been doing.

Doing LiFe! 

Around the House and in the Garden happen to be two of my favorite things to work on.  And also one of my beloved books.  Page 198 just rocks!

"Keep close to the people you love, the ones who stay engaged and open to LIFE, who bring joy and peace to house and garden.  Take with you everything you have learned - and remain humble enough to learn more."  (Dominique Browning)

     Perhaps on this Sunday when the sun goes down and the heat lowers, My Guy and I will sit in our garden.  We can relax and enjoy it.  Would THAT give me life?  Oh, yeah!

Tell me...friends.  What are you doing these days that gives you LIFE???