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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Slow Down, Soul Sisters!

I'm not one to think life (or anything) should be handed to me on a silver platter.  Ms. Browning's new book deserves to be on one!  Half the blogosphere has been awating the continuation of Dominique Browning's life!  It's a treasure and worth savoring - which means I'm taking my time.

She works it - everything: her garden, her piano, her home, her relationships.  Yet she does it (all) without haste.
                                                 (A little patch of my garden)
Thus, the title of her book "SLOW...."  After reading it for a bit, I gently close the darling and sit still.  Her musings, words mull around my head and heart.  I have a new set of eyes.

I take pleasure and walk through my home and "see" it. 
                                                                       (My front hall)
And, that's it - it's mine and if it pleases me who cares?  Well, I try to please My Guy.  After reading Around the House and in The Garden, and about Ms. Browning's quirky kitchen couch; well, 
h-e-l-l-o lovely!   I tried.  Oh, how I tried but could only fit a chair in mine.  Mom's chair has been a resident in my kitchen six months or so.  I get the funniest comments...however, it seems to be THE favorite seat in there! 
                                                                (Mom's chair in my kitchen)
I wonder if Ms. Browning grasps the magnitude of her influence.  Her books force us outside, and outside our box.  My yard is better off because of her.  My soul is more awake.  Does that make sense? 



jen said...

That jasmine is gorgeous. And I love your taste. More pictures please!

Dawn said...

Vava...I never knew you had that chair in your kitchen..I love that! Your home is just beautiful. I cannot wait to get this book and savor it, like you are!! xoxo

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Thanks so much, Jen & Dawn!!!! :) Y'all are oh so kind!!!!

Pam said...

Va I love how you write..makes me want to read more. And can you stand it...I've NEVER read any of her books...what is wrong with me?? love the chair in your kitchen...xoxo

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Well, Pam, I'm glad if I can MAKE you read her books. They are yummy!

Teri said...

I've been waiting on this book. Hoping someone (hubby) gives it to me for my upcoming birthday! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh VAVA in all of the xchanging of pics over the yrs (oh my yes yrs) I've never seen a pic of your entry. Wow I love the white frenchy bowl. and the lamps yummo. totally tres chic. yes the jasmine is blooming so is mine and smell lovely. in fact i'm spending so much time on the deck and in the rose garden as our temperatures are still so nice. love your blog. xoxoxo FRANCO