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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Resources for Panicky Parents of Prodigals

This post is a serious post.  If you're not a parent of a prodigal, ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, mentally challenged, addiction-prone, angry, lost, young person, feel free to move on.  Perhaps my next post will be lighthearted...

In two days, two strangers called me.  They'd heard I might empathize.  And yes I can.  They are not the only Moms that I've been in touch with.  Some families try to cover up.  Not me - I'm an open book and believe God wants me to share in the peaks AND valleys!  It might be handy for some to see a list of resources that I know is reliable:

NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness - contact them for a local peer group.  For you OR your kid.  It covers the gamut:  Bipolar, Autism, Suicide, Schizophrenia, OCD, PTSD, Eating Disorders and more.

Cornerstone Recovery:  a unique teen-based, 12-step recovery program, based on positive peer pressure and a drug and alcohol free environment. (This is a Houston organization; but they will have recommendations for out of towners).

And just today, a friend emailed me a link for reading on prodigal sons.  Looks great - check it out!

Sundown Ranch:  a treatment facility designed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from chemical dependency and related co-occurring psychiatric disorders. (Yup, #2 Son was a resident here...for 45 days). 

Russell Kelfer's Website: his sermons/books are free & you can download many. In Everything Give Thanks pretty much changed my life!

And the #1 source of comfort, respite, peace is my faith.  God sees me through it all.  I tell everyone that without Him, I'd be in a loony bin, an alcoholic or on the side of the road - blubbering.  I kid you not.

...and there are a group of women - who have been together over 10 years almost every Tuesday night.  Have we shared!  Cried!  Laughed!  And prayed.  Moms need girlfriends.  And those that pray (without judgement) have to be THE BEST! 




jen said...

I hope your candor can help someone else.
Praying for you and your family.
Stay strong.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Thanks, Jen!!!! Love me those prayers! :)

LLH Designs said...

Glad you found me...and now know where to find you! Moms sure do need the praying kind of girlfriends! Every step of the way! The prodigal aspect of your post reminds me of a book that is really speaking to me right now (about being the older brother-type; usually the prodigal is the focus of the parable). It's called "Prodigal God" by Tim Keller.

Dianne said...

You are amazing! I am praying all will be well one day very soon.

Rebecca said...

This is such a loving and comprehensive list, Virginia. Sending you love...