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Friday, May 7, 2010

The Mom in Me!

A dear bloggy friend, Jen, has issued women quite the challenge.  What is one weakness you have when it comes to mothering (only one)? And now that you've identified it, how are you going to improve?  My "mothering" days are pretty much fini; but it's easy to nail a weakness and thankfully Jen is only asking for ONE!  So I'd have to say it was the fact that I was not consistent.  Oh, I'd be strong "in the moment" and know that I know that I know....and then, after getting run down by THE most insistent children on earth, I'd cave.  It's hard to admit it.  Yet rather cathartic.  (Thanks, Jen!).  I pray I use my (new-found) wisdom if/when grandchildren enter the picture.  Part II:  What is one of your strengths? Feel free to brag yourself up, either seriously or with humor.  That I lived to tell about it.  I kid you not.  If you're a reader of this blog; you know what I'm talking about...And so my strength is flexibility, rolling with the punches; pulling my bootstraps up, gettin' on with life and not holding grudges.  As my sister-in-law has told me many times:  "God gave you these boys.  YOU!  No one else can parent them."  There were many a time when I thought they might do me in in.  But as Gloria Gaynor shouts at the top of her lungs:  "I WILL SURVIVE!"  (with a little help from my friends, and the good Lord above!).  And I count it all as a privilege. 


jen said...

Thanks for your post! I tried to link your post to mine as well, and I couldn't do it either. I don't know what the deal is, but . . . I'm new at this.
That you survived gives me hope. But I've got awfully long way to go!
Happy Mother's Day!

Sue said...

I think the link thing is working now, so you should go try it again. Thanks for taking the time to participate in Jen's big link. I really enjoyed reading about you and your boys.


jen said...

I linked your post, hope you don't mind. I got an email from the host, and he fixed the problem.
We all will survive!

Snarky Belle said...

Stopping by from Jen's blog. Thank you for this post. "No one else can parent them." A wonderful thought that I will try to remember on the days it gets tough! Happy Mother's Day

annielnb said...

Oh Va, I can totally relate to your weakness!!! I'm working on that with our crew. I agree, "No one else can parent them but you" wise , wise words. You are wonderful, I'm always so encouraged and inspired after words from you. You have a gift Va, and you're a great Mum! Even when you have to do the hard things, because you love em'. Happy Mother's Day!!!!