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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Revere While Here!

If only.  I know it's not healthy to dwell on those - the "if onlys" but it' s hard NOT to on Mother's Day.  I'm only 7 years younger than my Mom was when she died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
(a sidenote:  she and Jackie O were the same age, died of the same disease, the same year; 1994.)

And so while I've had plenty of time to mourn...I'm here to confess that WHILE she was alive; I did not treat her as I'd like to now.   I'd revere my mother. 

I didn't tell her what I loved about her.  Ever.  She wasn't prone to compliments in giving OR taking...and was hard to love.  My pride was bigger than my heart.  In the past year I've confessed, let go, asked for forgiveness of those living

Thankfully we have a houseful of (fun) company that will pull me out of "then" and bring me into "now."  For now is important.  And I've learned to speak my feelings.  Tell those I love HOW much I do.  Tell them they are creative, good cooks, artistic, organized, bright, handsome...and at times if I have to I'll dig deep to find that something special in them.

Everyone has something we can talk up and compliment.  I'd say do it before it's too late.

Happy Mother's Day to you Beautiful Moms!!!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. I've been sad today. Miss my Mother. first Mother's day without her and I'm blue. altho the last eighteen months were tough because she was unable to communicate with me, we had many wonderful times. If she were alive today I would have taken her roses from my garden as she just loved them. So we'll cherish our memories VAVA. xoxoxo FRANCO

annielnb said...

Vava, I love that you find the best in people, and tell them about it! Everyone has to have something good about them, you're right. I pray to see them as God does, He sees more than I see, and He loves them, so should I (some are easier to love than!). You encourage me every day, thank you Va!!!

Dianne said...

You bless me daily dear friend. Very wise words here.

Pam said... know this speaks to me. I'm trying. But MAN she does not make complimenting her easy. Thank you for the reminder. xoxo

Girl Meets Paris said...

Letting go of "mom guilt" in whatever form, is a part of getting your grove on! LOL. I think about this a lot as I turn 50 this year! YIKES... where has the time gone?

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, Pam, Pam....yes I do know. Mom/daughters = constant work.

Rebecca said...

Hi Virginia! I finally figured out how to post comments here...(Blogger wouldn't recognize my email for a while but I'm sorted out now!). Your blog is just splendid - full of fun, wisdom, and great information. Like you!! xoxo