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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Your Gratitude On!

Gratitude Journal

...on the counter, by the coffee, so it cannot be missed.

Thirteen months ago I read One Thousand Gifts.  It shifted my heart and my head - and now Ann Voskamp's hauntingly, beautiful book is in the form of a Bible study.

In Vava-terms, you cannot have joy without thanksgiving.  That's the bottom line of the book.  BUT!  Don't just take my word for it. Read it.  Now.  If you have not.

1. For the beauty in an ugly barrack of #2 Son's graduation.
2. Uncle Steve's kindly demeanor toward his nephew.
3. Anticipation of movie night with My Guy.
4. A good hair day and a pretty necklace.
5. #1 Son's surprise visit.
6. Count down until November 6 (NOT the election; but the homecoming of #2 Son).

See?  My list is certainly not profound.  I passionately believe if we open our eyes and thank God for our everything(s), joy takes over.  Sometimes it's calm and quiet, sometimes a tidal wave.  I'll take either!