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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BIG Love!

Let me tell you a love story.  Once upon a time, in a family of four, two boys were well loved.  They were seven years apart in age.  The eldest entered the world with ease, everything came easily for him, that is, until #2 Son hit grade school.  Family dynamics changed.  But...there was still a lot of BIG love.

When #2 was good, he was very, very good and when he was bad... well, I won't spill all our beans.  But, throughout "it" all - from the first day I held him, until my last touch, on November 17, 2011, I loved fiercely.

I must confess that I lost that lovin' feeling over the autumn of 2011.  When he was sentenced in November, I was MORE than fine with the judge's decision.  For the first four weeks, I was firm in my belief that he deserved this.  He was in the right place.  And it was high time that My Guy and I had peace. This was BIG.

And then, he morphed, became a new person.  I must give credit where credit is due, it was the Lover of our souls Who was working on #2.  It has now been three months.  Three months of nothing to do all day other than watch TV, play dominos, and read (The Bible and Purpose Driven Life).  He is in a "detention facility" until his transfer takes place.  There are NO programs, no structure.  Boredom with a capital "B."  Yet, he survived the first month which was quite hellish.  He's strong as an ox.  When we visit, he asks how WE are.  That's big.  The love he has for us is blatant.

And, in the last two months, I have that lovin' feeling back.  Oh, my goodness....three days ago while staring at his face through a thick piece of glass, I wanted to hug him so badly, I ached.  We placed our hands on that glass and "touched" the best we could.  The love between #2 Son, My Guy and me is palpable.  We stick out in that facility.  Like sore thumbs.

#1 Son has a newfound respect for his little brother and expresses HIS love to him.  That's big.

The {love} story is not over....many more chapters in the making.  But, #2's story was known and crafted long, long ago by The Author of Life (a song I sang to #2 when he was 10)!  HE knows what's best for both my boys.  Oh, and for me as well.  This is a difficult season; but BIG things are happening.

Our God is BIG enough to handle all of it - all of us - no matter where we are: in a jail cell or in the suburbs.

It's Valentine's Day and my heart is full.  My Guy and I are in a really good place with one another.  We have fun, we laugh, and cater to each other.  It's BIG!  My only wish is that I could break #2 out of jail for one long hug.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Like her or not, I do!

I so dig digging until I find something I cannot live without (translation:  it need not be pricey!).  It may be a book - picture frame - footed tray - tarnished silver -  those treasures that tickle my fancy.

Several years ago, my friend, Peaches, came to town and we hit The Guild Shop run by St. John the Divine.  It's a resale shop that's a "cross between Antiques Roadshow and your grandma's attic."  It takes a certain person to scour for hours.  Peaches was my main gal!

I know several others who would lose their mind at The Guild Shop.    Some {dear pals} I've not yet met other than through email, and an occasional phone call.  We discovered one another on a certain lifestyle blog.  And, it was there I learned I am not the only nut who enjoys the hunt, rearranges furniture {a lot!}, collects shelter magazines & books on decorating. 

I cannot wait till they visit - we most certainly will bust down the doors of The Guild Shop!  One of my favorite purchases is a vintage lamp.  It's a personal thing.  I know some do not "get" her; but every time I look at her, I smile.  Well, the poor dear wore a horrible lamp shade for the past 2 or 3 years until just last week.  

Let me introduce my little pretty:

I went to a lamp shop where an expert found just the right shade, and
shortened the harp (...and SHE told me SHE would have grabbed this ole gal herself).  Like I said, some would, some would not.

Let me know if YOU have that certain something sitting in your haven, that may not appeal to your guests, but it sure tickles YOUR fancy.  

Hhhmmmm.....may be time for a visit.  To a thrift store.