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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Urban Market Recap

    My purchases:  an English coffee canister & 2 tiny books!

It was SUCH fun!!!!  Even if in the middle of a mud field-swamp-land!  It gave me an excuse to dress down: ha!  I mean really----the women who DRESSED must have lost their minds.  My friend and I saw a young lady exit her car in the cutest sundress with silver sandals.  BIG mistake.

This is how one should dress for Urban Market.  Not caring (at all) about making any Best Dressed List.  Most wore rubber boots: polka dot, floral, animal print, Wellies.  It was a wild-attire day.

The "flying saucer" on my head was a purchase to ward off the sun.  It was scorching hot.  Here we were.  In a field.  And shopowners had gor-jus vignettes wooing us into their tents.

After I cool off, I'm running outdoors to pick up sticks...then stick 'em in my glass of shells.  Cool, don't ya think?

On our way out, picked up lunch-to-go, "Best Pimiento Sandwich" in Houston.  I'd have to agree!  Mmm, mmm good.

It was a FUN day and most definitely will be an
annual outing.



Dianne said...

Oh how I wish I had been with you. You look adorable. Love your finds!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

I love your finds too! How cool the way they mixed the fish net with the shells. I may have to use that idea. :) You are too cute in that hat! xxxoxoxo Gretchen

Dawn said...

What a fun day...I would LOVE to have gone with you...I LOVE that lamp in the pic (the one with the glass base and the silver chandi on the shade!!!) Looks like you had good restraint!

CC said...

How many times can I tell you.....I'm so sad that I missed the trip with you. Next time, indeed!!!

I'm going to copy you and the twigs/shells idea. {Surprise! HA!} I love, love, love that look!!

Emily said...

What a fun day! I'm jealous! Love the old coffee container! I remember there being a famous pimento cheese sandwich in a cafe housed in an old Victorian near downtown Houston. Is this where you got yours? (Can't remember the name!)

martha said...

these are treasures-
and the excursion must have been soooo fun, minus the heat....
GREAT fun post-wish we were there.......hugs!

Anonymous said...

Yee HAW durl! Now that's a Texas sized hat!! Love it! I've bestowed two blog awards on you...go check them out at my site. Love you! Kel

Rebecca said...

VaVa, you are absolutely smashing! Love the hat and the flower...just the right touches for wading through the mud!

Morning T said...

I can't believe I missed you there....especially in that big hat! You're too cute.
My friend also took a pimento sandwich to go and said it was definitely the best!!