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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Less is More!

I've used that saying in reference to make-up, jewelry, clothing.  Now I am applying it to my Christmas decorating!   In unpacking BOXES of Christmas goods; some items are tired and some I am tired of!  Using restraint for the first Christmas ever; I am not pulling out all the stops.  There are certain spots in the house that I WANT to look like Christmas.  Other places - not so much.

I'll pack away some stuff and hope that one day my sons will want to "inherit" some of the Santas and cute stuff. 

I left our entry very simple....and yet it makes me happy. 

The liqueur set was Mom's.
The silver tray was a gift from a friend last Christmas.  A vintage treasure!!

Most of our buds come through our back door; but IF you enter our front door you will see this merry vignette: 

And so onward we move...tomorrow is December 1 and the house is finished.  I've just got to (bribe) get My Guy motivated to help with the tree. 

I am most hopeful for a stress-less Christmas season!  Sometimes less really is more!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Command Central

Here is a corner of my kitchen.  I call it command central...especially at this time of year!  The green box holds the notes I've taken the last 18 years for our annual Christmas party!  It's a blast to peruse the guest list...and see if they are still around or quietly slipped out of our lives.

I keep notes of the stuff served, recipes are clipped.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and the cooking begins!!!  (I've added this holiday to my "Christmas box.")  I have tear sheets in it of vignettes, table settings, decorations.  A little treasure chest just for me!  I glance through it daily...from today through Christmas!

It's easy for me to get swept away in all the fa-la-la-la-la!  I'm a Christmas nut!  ...and I have to force myself to be disciplined in the other aspects of life.  I am not exercising enough.  And my time with the Lord in the mornings seems a bit rushed.  Just like everyone else - I am hurrying & scurrying.

I did take time (a second) and read "Streams in The Desert" today.  And came across this lovely little paragraph: 

There is in the deepest center of the soul a chamber of peace where God dwells, and where, if we will only enter in and hush every other sound, we can hear His still, small voice.

These words touched me.  I must remember who is Commander-in-Chief and when I am still and join in His presence; my soul will be at peace. 

But, the kitchen is beckoning me now.  Off to Command Central.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Put Your Sparkle On!

Our mantel has some sparkle to it...

The crystal candle sticks were Mom's.
The "mercury" votives inexpensive baubles from a local haunt of mine.
The bust - a "low" from Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago.
The 2 silver-like pieces - from an antique store in Tomball, Texas.
...and the pears???  Can't remember!

November brings:
Excitement for Thanksgiving.
Anticipation for gatherings at home with family & friends.

I hope you sparkle while preparing for next week!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Nights + Sofas!

Ok, I'm all about keeping it real.  And this is the real us on a Sunday night.  We moved the sofa back down here.  It's been upstairs for 5 months.  I tried living with my two upholstered chairs where you see the sofa.  But, honestly...we are a sofa family.  I must admit I really want a new one; but this works.  Workout equipment is out & about, it looks a mess.  But, it's real life on Sunday night.

Sunday nights are important to us.  Especially when football is on.  And more so when our Cowboys are winning.  My Men are die-hard fans. 

I am grateful this evening.  And, it's just small stuff...but it's REAL stuff.

♥  Our first fire of the season.
 ♥ Our first pot of chili.  And it was really good....a Martha Stewart recipe
 (infused with a touch of cocoa).
♥  Sunday paper strewn everywhere.
♥  Our dogs right by our side.

Fall 2010 has been our most peaceful, love-filled, harmonious in 10+ years.  HEY!!!!  That's why I wanted the sofa back downstairs!!!  We can sit close to one another, cuddle up.
Yup, I'm talking about #2 Son cuddling. 

 My ♥ overflows.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Friday, November 5, 2010

Seeing Red!

Everywhere I turn I am seeing red.  I'm not angry....I literally see red - on lips, in fashion, in homes.  What caught my eye at first is the lip of J. Crew. She may be 30 years younger than I am; but red lips are a classic, right?  I used to wear red lips.  My now 27 year old son told me at the age of 10:  "Mom, we can't go yet; you don't have your lips on!"  Friends gave me grief because no matter what, I had my red lips going.  And it never came off!!! (love that - I could eat a 4-course meal and still my lips were in tact). 
Did you know???? 
-  For millennia, red lipstick has been both treasured and forbidden.
-  Its appeal is primal, offering a vivid shortcut to glamour.***
-  The Nazi party banned lipstick as early as 1933, announcing that "women with painted faces" would not   be admitted to party functions.

***with red lipstick, we are supposed to wear less eye makeup and so it is a shortcut to glamour!!!! 

Those few tidbits came from this book:

Is this cover unbelievable?????  And it's RED!!!!  This is a Christmas gift for a certain someone; but I HAD to glance through it...and found "Red Lipstick."  It's a pretty cool book....

Even after writing this post, I discovered the very topic in "Veranda" last night.  There on the last page, the founder, Lisa Newsom, shares her love of the color red. 

Red is in the air!  And what perfect timing.  I love the color orange (autumn, Thanksgiving, etc.),  BUT give me Christmas.  Oh, I am a Christmas girl and seeing red so prevalent gets me giddy for the holidays!!!!

It's too early to decorate for Christmas; however, I can decorate my lips.  Below are some oldies that might still work.