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Saturday, March 27, 2010


I'd call myself eclectic.  Example above is a gift of nature from a friend.  Okay, it's a mossy rock.  #1 Son laughed aloud asking me if I now collect pet rocks.  He lives with me (or did) and still thinks I'm off, a bit.  Quite often I can tell by a person's face when they walk in they don't quite get my decor.  Once someone asked:  "where did you get the idea to use so many types of fabric?"  I don't like doing what everyone else is doing in their home.  I like it to be different...perhaps stand apart.  I think some of that stems from my upbringing on the East Coast.  The most beautiful rooms are those that are personal, colorful and cozy. 

My library is eclectic as well.  I need variety.  There are stacks of books all over my home.  By my bedside are four that give a clue to my eclectic personality:

There are others like me.  I found them on line!  You see, Tracy Porter's books had struck a chord.  And two and a half years ago her blog opened a whole new world.  I "met" like souls and we became addicted to thrived from her inspiration videos.  A trademark of Tracy's is her London Wall or some call it a Gallery Wall: a hodge podge of all you love slammed together.  I was all over that.  Our little powder room pretends it's in London.'s obvious that some enter our powder room  (with a purpose) and exit bewildered.  I can see it. 

If I could siphon a personality, a writing style and the way to view life, it'd be Dominique Browning.  Around the House and in the Garden and Paths of Desire are dog-earred, highlighted and (worshipped) adored!
I am over-the-moon to discover this morning, SHE has a blog entitled Slow Love Life.  And yes, I drank too much coffee and spent too much time reading it.  But I all.  It was delicious! (I've pre-ordered her book on Amazon and it will not get here soon enough).  She most definitely stands apart.

I've become more eclectic in my attire too.  Just the other day a friend remarked:  "My aren't you the funky woman?"  Is that a good thing?  I don't know.  I wore straight jeans, rolled up, a long tunic-y thing rather close to a bathrobe and some (admittedly) funky shoes.  55 is half  a year away and it's all good.  I totally dig this age -  this season of life. 

A new addition to my home is The Pink Woman.  She arrived at my door step two days ago from an artist in North Carolina.  Please, let me introduce you to her:
I loved her the moment I saw her - she lit up the corner of my living room.  I called my friend (screaming) thanking her profusely.  Oh, and I learned the most interesting tidbit.  "Art should not be matchy-match; otherwise it is just part of the decor.  Art should stand alone."  Ahhhhhh.  Stand apart.  Stand on one's own.  That's where I aim to go...

No fear of what others think.  Be true to myself and my God.  That's it.  What a glorious way to live!  And should you come for a visit; I'm okay if you don't "get" my home.  You're most welcome anyway!


sewmuchwhimsy said...

Here's to all the "funky" girls who like to stand apart! You go, Vava! I wish I could spend some time in that luscious powder room. I do SO get it! xxoxo Gretchen

Dianne said...

You, my dear, have never had a problem standing apart. That's what I always loved about you. You are joy filled, fearless and confident. We should all take a lesson from you. As the creator of "the pink woman" I must say she has found the right home!

Pam said...

oh Va I cried when I read this post. You my dear are a beautiful woman. I LOVE that you stand apart...I LOVE your eclecticness..(is that a word?)..I LOVE your stack of books (I need them)and man would I LOVE to meet you in person. This was a fabulous favorite. Keep rockin those rolled up jeans and tunics my Pink Woman!!! xoxo

CC said...

Virginia, I'm squirrel-ly over this post.....It's absolutely DELICIOUS!!!! You my friend have such a way with words, such a way of expressing what's in your heart....I'm one lucky durl to have you as a friend!

{PS...For the record, I "get" you!!!!!!} ;)

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Well, Gretchen, of course YOU get me. YOU sent the pet rock: ha! And some day all of the Tee Pee bloggers SHALL meet! MUWAH!

Denise said...

What a wonderful post, Vava! I think what makes you "stand apart" has as much to do with your JOYful attitude and how you live your life with much joy as it does your fabulous decor and dressing styles. You rock! xoxo

Dawn said...

LOVE this one Vava!!! I GET you because I am so simialar. I too cannot wait for the day we all GET to be together!!

Teri said...

GREAT POST girlfriend. I was just thinking... there are so many bloggers I love that I don't think I'll ever meet, and then I remembered... HEAVEN. Funny thought, huh? I wonder if I'll have a nametag with both my real name and my blogger name... okay, now everyone is thinking I'm crazy... lol.

I LOVE your London wall... so cool.

I just made swedish pancakes for dinner... a-la Tracy. They turned out great!

Being ourselves at our age is such a BONUS in life. I never saw it coming, but I love it!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Ahhh, Teri: bloggers in heaven! I bet we'll know one another without nametags! :) I've not made those pancakes of Tracy's but My Guy would LOVE them! Must try! Like you, I did not see "this" coming at "this" age either! Hugs!

Bonjour Madame said...

How is that Beth Moore book? I saw it at the bookstore and wondered. Thanks for visiting my blog!