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Friday, March 12, 2010

3 Generations

(This may have been the first picture AFTER my eyes were "fixed."  Every other picture I had on
 baby-blue cat's eye spectacles.  Lovely!).

Vava, Mimi & Mimi's Pierre Hotel apartment, probably in 1965.  (Sorry for the grainy picture; but it's the best I could do.)  My mom was most likely taking this picture.  She and I would take the train from New Canaan to the city for a visit to the eye doctor. 

I had terribly crossed eyes and back then eye drops corrected it!  I don't remember anything about the eye appointment; only the DELIGHT in visiting Mimi at The Pierre.  On this day, HER Mom (my great grandmother) was present. 

A date with Mimi was always memorable - she made me feel I was absolutely the most special little girl...ever!  We'd hit Hamburger Heaven and now that I reflect; how dear it was of her.  Drinking a malt, eating a burger with a little girl, all decked out in her heels and pearls.  That's class!

That's Mimi!


Teri said...

Hey... checking out your blog. Love what I see so far.

I did publish your comments. Sorry it took so long. I've been gone all day.

I will be going back and reading more when I have time.

Thanks for commenting and visiting my blog!!!


Pam said...

Oh this picture and love Mimi!! I told my kids when I'm a Grandmother I want to be called Mimi...that Mimi had class fo sho!!

CC said...

Virginia, you haven't changed a bit. I see "big" Vava in "little" Vava's picture. PRECIOUS!!!!!

Teri said...

Guess what? I grew up in SPRING, TEXAS. My oldest is 26. I love TP.

We must talk girl!

Anonymous said...

Now we know where all your class came is inherited from the lovely MIMI!

Anonymous said...

Love me some Mimi! More stories please! XO