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Monday, March 1, 2010

Marching on...

13 days without TV and I don't even miss 'em: Jack, Meredith, House, Kitty, McSteamy or McDreamy. I am marching on!  The extra time is a gift - I'm organizing and reading and my still.  Quieter.  I like it.

Yesterday (and today) are Purim and a friend emailed me stating "Happy Purim."  It is a beautiful Jewish tradition and as you know, I do love a good tradition.  My friend suggested we read the Book of Esther in honor of Purim.  Esther is a hero of mine - a brave woman, filled with determination and courage.

Esther 4:14: "...for such a time as this" sits on my desk.  I'm in a Bible study Monday nights.  We're studying David who is known as "The Man After God's Own Heart."  He also is fearless and courageous.  Seems there is a theme.  2010 looms in front of me like a big ole bowl of hope.  I am marching on!!!

And if I want to continue having hope; I must be intentional.  When sis-in-law was here last week, we determined to open our eyes and ask Him to reveal  all...big or small.  It's crazy how utterly wonderful a day is - eye opening in every sense of the word.  We were driving down 2920 and while at a stoplight, to our right, were maybe 100 little birds flying.  Baby robins!  We'd never seen anything like it - and KNEW it was a gift from God!  Especially since sis-in-law loves birds!!!!  (I did a search on the topic and when birds are at the end of their migration they can average 100!)  Those babies are marching on. this "new world" of mine, I aim to be courageous and fearless, just like Esther and David.  It's a tall order; but I'm gonna give it a shot.  ...marching on!!!

March 1 means almost-spring.  Spring = renewal, rebirth.  And although I am 54; it's not too late for me.  To be fired up, excited,

Happy Purim, eyes wide open and march on...


Emily said...

Good Girl Virginia!! See, its not so bad ADDING goodness to your life?

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Vava, so proud of you durl! You have added such LIFE to your days of Lent. Your attitude is an inspiration! xoxoxo Gretchen