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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

# 1 Son

#2 Son

Yea, yea...we aren't to live through our kids BUT these pictures tell our story.  I recall what they (we) were doing, how they (we) were faring: be it happy, sad, angry, scared, lonely. 

There's a soldier in Afghanistan, a party boy, an innocent, a boy in Christ, a rebel.  I see love, fear, laughter, cynicism, hope..a gamut of emotions. 

I love these guys!


Anonymous said...

Love this post so much. I feel like most mothers will identify with it. No matter the circumstances these are the moments of our life.
xoxo Dianne

Emily said...

I really identify with this. Great post Vava!

martha said...

these are just great picture collages...
really sharp looking guys too Virginia! Treasures and pondering.....

lazymaisy said...

Hi Virginia ...your blog is growing beautifully just like your boys

Pam said...

Man these are some handsome guys you have Va!! I love this post! And I wish I had your computer skills..I'm still posting one pix at a time...I'll get it someday! Keep writing're a great read!! xoxo