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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Men in Pink!

                      (1/2 bro, Dad, Stepmom, Moi)
I love a man in a pink shirt!  That, (again), may be due to growing up in Preppy Land, U.S.A.  My most-dapper-Dad dons pink better than most!  The beach shot above is in Long Island last summer.  My 1/2 brother and Dad look so me!

Dad and Stepmom took a bunch of us to Turkey in '07.  It was a GREAT time...exploring ruins, climbing all sorts of hills, snorkeling in beautiful waters.  And a few times at night we DID dress for dinner.  On this night; the men...wore (mostly) PINK
(My Guy, 1/2 Bro, # 2 Son, Bro)

Aren't they handsome?

Just wondering, do your guys wear PINK?


Teri said...

Years ago it was Christmas morning. My mother had bought my husband and my brother pink button down dress shirts. When my husband opened his, my brother started laughing and making such fun of him. A few minutes later, when he opened HIS pink shirt, WE all got to laugh! I still have the cutest pic of them together on that PINK Christmas morning!

Dawn said...

I love when my boys wear middle son Blake wears it very well...homm maybe I could make them wear pink shirts on Easter....probably not :)

Dianne said...

No my men do not....wish they would.

Pam said...

Love my guys in pink...Steve is addicted to Thomas Pink shirts! And I love living in Preppy Land!! xoxo

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Oh, Pam. A man in a Thomas Pink shirt! Mmmm! Yum-o. And, live in THE perfectly (pink) place!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

I love men in pink! Dave looks great in pink... I haven't talked Sam into trying yet! oxxo Gretchen

Denise said...

LOVE a man in pink! And the right shade of pink is so flattering. Note to self - buy hubby a pink shirt, stat. xoxo