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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A soulful, selfish, slacker, staycation of a Saturday!

Let me share what my day consisted of today.  It was out of the norm as My Guy went into work. So...
  • I was up early (did not sleep worth a hoot.  Hormones maybe??  TMI?  Sorry!) 
  • Up early - had some quiet time.
  • Went to the gym...worked out hard.
  • Got caught in the downpour...
  • and went into Starbucks anyway- had to use up some of my gift card!
  • Rented two chick flicks, not one but TWO!
  • Took a hot shower
  • Took the dogs upstairs to comfy sofa
  • Watched Flick #1
  • Dozed off, spooning with Duke on comfy sofa
  • Watched Flick #2
  • (I'm still not watching TV; and on a rainy Saturday, do not consider a movie "TV."
  • Thought it better to eat "dinner" early than late.  Had a peanut butter and raspberry jam on HEB's (delicious) 12-grain bread.
  • Took a hot bath accompanied by a (small) glass of red wine.
I'm waiting for My Guy to return with a movie.  Then I'll take HIM upstairs to the comfy sofa and we'll watch something comedic.  The dogs will not be spooning us.  IF they try to, I'll act shocked.

I do so hope each of YOU get a slacker Saturday, Sunday or someday very soon.


Anonymous said...

You are a movie nut! Wonderful way to spend the day though. Did Duke eat anything wrong today? :)
xoxo Dianne

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Duke was a good boy today!

Dawn said...

What a perfect day!!

Beautiful Things said...

Hi Virginia. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Sounds like you had a great day here. I'm envious! x

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Love this kind of day, Vava. What movies did you watch?! xoxoo Gretchen

Denise said...

A perfect day! I think I'm having a slacker Sunday - had every intention of getting out, but we have 5 1/2" of snow on the ground and it's still POURING snow here. So I'm sittin' around in my flannels and Uggs, flipping through magazines, cruising the Internet and watching HGTV. I think I've now been inspired to pop a movie in. Oh what shall I watch.... xoxo

Pam said...

oh do I miss a good chickflick. Baby Griffy doesn't allow me much movie time...but that's ok. I have plenty of time for chickflicks. What did you watch??? xoxo

Emily said...

So what movies did you watch? Give us a quick review!

Teri said...

Sounds heavenly... and reminds me how much us Texans miss HEB here in Florida. We have NOTHING like it at all.. "sniff".

BTW... you crack me up!