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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Around the house...

A blog I follow, Views From My Kitchen Sink, is always a good read.  That Pam has great posts and so today I'm linking up with her. 


Above you'll find my morning ritual.  It never varies....been drinking protein shakes now for 7+ years.  It started for the ease of it.  I knew I needed breakfast and this was slam, bam EASY!  And then a visit to an MD who was also into holistic stuff...took my cortisol levels.  Yikes!!!!  Yes, I WAS addicted to sugar and ate far, far too much.  She informed me by starting my day with protein, my cravings for sugar would diminish.  Coffee is a no brainer although my Keurig is new.  I've been a loyal fan of the Toddy for twenty years and will stick with it for iced coffee.  Nothing better - smooth java. 


I'm waiting on My Guy to finish organizing enough ski paraphernalia to open a shop.  Bless the man...he's just returned and does have a full time job.


No pictures...yet, BUT I am one excited girl.  "The" sofa has been ordered and it's GREEN!  Little did I know how versatile it shall be until a friend pointed me to "Colour Me Happy's" blog post!  Can't wait.


I'm a music NUT...and with DirectTV, there is quite a menu!  My Top 3 show that not only will my sofa be versatile, but my music taste is too!

#1 Choice:  Channel 826 "The Spirit" (Contemporary Christian)
#2 Choice:  '70s Hits (when I need that pick-me-up)
#3 Choice:  Light Classical (this is brand new.  One of my how-to-speak or how-to-write authors insists "baroque" music helps one think.  I need all the help I can get...)

My Guy came in from work last night to #3 blaring throughout the house.  It was NOT his #1 choice!


  1. Beth Moore's is our current Bible study.
  2. "Palace Walk" was recommended by my stepmom a while back.  I've just started it and hope I can get through it. 
  3. "Speak Up with Confidence" was recommended by a friend who DOES speak and knows my desire to do so. 
  4. "Get Lucky" is by a friend of a friend.  Haven't opened it yet....
  5. "Sundays at Tiffany's" - heard it was light and an easy read.  Will see...
  6. "Little Bee" - well, everyone in Blog Land has read it, so I hope too as well.
 And so what are YOU doing, reading, decorating and listening to?



I had to force myself outdoors....and am so glad I did.  God created a symphony for me!  Took the Lake Walk...

The sun so bright my dark glasses were a necessity.
Birds flitting about as if they were dancing.
The pine needles and trees were washed in two of my favorite colors: russet and green.
And there sat an old woman with a halo of white curls...knitting by the lake.
I stopped to talk and we both gushed on the beauty of the day.
She told me concentrating on her knitting forced her to be less thankful.
She prayed to God to forgive her for her half-hearted praise.
And she said all of this in a beautiful Brazillian accent.
He knows her heart.
And He knows just what I needed for a mid day break!


Girl Meets Paris said...

I am working on my Beth Moore Bible study, Believing God. I am reading Traveling Light by Max Lucado. I am redecorating my bedroom and plan to pull it all together in one day as soon as my online orders come in to surprise my hubby. I am listening to the peace and quiet...sounds boring, but for today, it's my happy place!

Dawn said...

I love this...I plan on doing a post like this...that Pam, full of wonderful ideas!

Privet and Holly said...

Fun post!
I am planning
a just fun post
for tomorrow....
I am listening to
a Christian rock
station as I type....
I've read Little Bee
and Sunday at Tiffany...
I also like breakfast
smoothies {but not every
day} and my mud room is
full of ski junk. So,
I guess we are on the
same wave length!
xx Suzanne
PS: Loved your walk by
the lake...That lady sounds

Pam said...

Love it Va!! xoxo

mary said...

I love the ease of a protein shake and I bet you made that woman's day! ♥

martha said...

VaVa,you will just LOVE the Patriarchs study-it was one of my, if not THE , alltime faves!

Denise said...

Fun post, Vava! And of course I had to pop over to the "Colour Me Happy" blog. I must thank you for that link - I may have a new found love for my green velvet sofa that I've had for 14 years! I just need to get busy changing out accents. Can't wait to see YOUR new sofa! xoxo ~ Denise

Anonymous said...

My dear Vava as usual and as I've said before you jazz me. I love your blog cuz you are always up to something fun. I've been in a serious funk of late(happens after holidays) but i'm easing out of it. After holiday fluff will help me tremendously and you have inspired me. I'm reading French Essence and imagining what it would be like to live in Provence. nope just want to visit often. Anxious for pics of sofa. Oh I'll also hit colour me happy. ty. xoxo FRANCO