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Thursday, January 13, 2011

RE-Think the New Year!


This looks to be a random post....sort of all over the place.  How it started was this shot of clouds last night.  I notice the sky and clouds and have since my Mom passed away 17 years ago.  I remember shortly after her death, I was driving home from work, flying down the highway and as only Texas can offer, had a wide open view of heavenly beauty.  I knew it was a gift from God.
He's been doing that a lot - gifting me!  I have tons to be thankful for!!!

Lately I feel as if I'm wrapped in the arms of My Father.


(#2 Son getting a "tie the tie lesson" from HIS father...)

And I like that feeling - safe and loved.  Who doesn't need that, right?

Day # 13 of the new year - and it may be the best start to a year in a long, long time.  My menfolk are having the time of their lives.  You might say, they're having a mountain top experience!


Skiing for six days in bitter cold is not for everyone.  But My Guys can't get enough!


And I've had lots of quiet time....that I reveled in after our week in New York. 

While in New York we had the opportunity to party socialize with a younger set.  My "sister" and I are quite a bit older than our handsome nephews and their beautiful wives.  However, age matters not when one has a gusto, a zest for life!  A (younger) person commented on stories she'd heard about Patty and I.  
It seems our reputation preceded us...that we "seemed to always have fun." 
Well, of course!!! You must suck the marrow from life.

I'll be working those "re" words:  restore, rejuvenate, rejoice, renew for 2011!



Dianne said...

Love this post! It is a year of rejoicing for your family. Enjoy every second!

Pam said...

So happy the New Year has started out fabulous for you! xoxo

Emily said...

And don't forget to "RElax". Because your family deserves it!

Joy said...

I know you give God all the glory for these wonder "R's" in your life. So happy for your son.
Happy New Year.
♥ Joy

annette said...

I treasure how God has restored so much for you in this new season. "Re"ing with you. I'd like to re-lax face to face over a long cup of coffee one day soon. Happy, blessed 2011.