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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Sofa

After making myself at home in homes that had oomphy-cozy, squishy sofas, well, now I NEED one.  I've tried to live without one for a few months.  And I've rationalized the set up below by saying since we're (almost) empty-nesters, we do not NEED a sofa.

But football and "new" TV is about to begin and I've decided we must get cozy.  I sent this picture to a very "famous" someone...and he/she answered me!  Love the internet!!!!  He/she suggests I get one without a skirt...that if it has legs; it'll lighten up all this furniture.  As soon as he/she said it, I had to agree.

Do you know how expensive these darn things are now???  Oh, my.  This Wish-List item might even spur me on to purge and have a garage sale.  We have enough to purge that it might end up a really good garage sale.

And do you know how many STYLES there are?  I've always been a floral gal; until now.  No more chintz sofas for me - at least not in this house.  My love for them goes way back.  Mimi's homes always had The Perfect Chintz sofa.  I grew up with a very low, long, comfortable (floral) sofa when living with Mom. 

My Dad and Stepmom have a beautiful home in Connecticut and Stepmom is a fabulous designer.  She has impeccable taste.  The look of her home is quite different from those in Texas; but it's the look I grew up with and what I love.

Look at all that layering and luscious pattern on pattern.......mmm, mmm, mmm!  Now that's a pretty sofa!

Their den is a tad less frilly:

My Stepmom has "the stuff" and it's always a feast for the eyes!!

While studying this tan sofa, I see the legs - no skirt here.  Yes, I think "mine" must have legs!!!

If you would be so kind, throw in your vote for my new sofa.  What say YOU??????    There is the basic, traditional, classy "Bridgewater Sofa."  I can see this in our room; maybe in an off white or even a cocoa brown linen????     But no skirt....
I'll let you know if I bite the bullet!  It would be nice to have one before the first official Dallas Cowboy game!


Empress of The Eye said...

Okay, I have recently found a really perfect sofa. RESTORATION HARDWARE has a new line. I bought a pair of the MAXWELL's in linen and they are so divine. So much comfort you won't believe it. There are several sizes and one I think is 46" which was too deep for my client so we purchased the 42". He is over 6'. Fit him like a glove. It's very clean and a bit modern but you can do anything with it. I have found this new "European" line to be fabulous from RH. Find the store and go check them out. They have a sale going on now and if you are a designer, you can open an account and get 20% off the regular price. I have noticed recently they are giving even more than that off.

Skip the bun feet, the skirt. Keep it floating a bit. I love this sofa!

jen said...

My sister-in-law bought one almost exactly like this with turned legs on little caster wheels--La-Z-Boy!

Pam said...

Va..we bought ours from Restoration Hardware..I do love it. No skirt too. Check them out! (I got it at the outlet!) xoxo

Dianne said...

My girlfriend has the Maxwell from Restoration is beautiful but VERY deep...almost too much until you get used to it. She bought it in gold linen.
I am prejudice towards a waterfall skirt as above. Tables have so many legs that I prefer the skirt.
Your room is lovely and I am sure you will do what is right for YOU! Just be sure to find the sofa and sit in it first, try it out for comfort. Also you want a hardwood frame and 8 way hand tied springs. That is MOST important. A purchase like this should last a lifetime.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead... bite that bullet!


catie said...

as always, i agree with eddie.
cannot WAIT to see what you choose!

Girl Meets Paris said...

I love that sofa. I've always bought solids, so that I can mix it and change it up with pillows when the mood strikes!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Vava, I have nothing to offer you about sofas, but I an DYING over your stepmom's rooms!!!!!!!!!! That living room is making me drool. xoxoxo Gretchen