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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Life of Vava

I cannot help myself.  Always on the prowl to tweak or fluff.  It's a lot easier to create vignettes
than to remodel and so that's what I do...
a lot.

It's especially a "must" after receiving a FABULOUS gift!!!  The books above are vintage and entitled "The Life of ____."  (our last name!).  I squealed like a little girl and even My Guy was blown away.
They deserved a spot on our coffee table.

And often while in the blogosphere I see that certain sumpin-sumpin that I must carry out myself!  A friend pointed me to what Katie did! And then Vava did it too.  I zoomed to Lowe's for a painter's drop cloth to drape my dining table.  A cheap, chic look! 

 And then tossed a Venetian mirror (another gift from a pal) atop said cloth....and sprinkled candles around. 
My table cloth does not look as styled as Katie-did's does; so I can't post a full length picture yet.
But you see the texture - color of it????  It's just yummy!

After Christmas is the perfect time to look around and tweak a bit.  On my buffet I changed out trays but kept my "Christmas vignette" in tact.  I'll probably keep the ornaments here for a while...some are old and vintage and I {{{love}}} why not? 

Then there were the six botanicals in the dining room that nobody saw...
I moved them out to the foyer with a couple new lamps.  With the prints filling up the entire inset wall,
my tiny foyer seems bigger.

I dig change and think it's good for the soul.  A positive to having clutter collections/stuff around is I
can shop my own home!

Welcome to a day in The Life of Vava. 



Dawn said...

ALL of this looks so great...I am doing some "fluffing" today too! xoxo

Joy said...

You have such a good eye for arranging things. I keep everything the same. I'm happy I found one way to like it.
Those books are great.
♥ Joy

Dianne said...

Love it all but that foyer is killer good!!!

Emily said...

I wanna come over and enjoy some life of Vava! No fluffs better than you girl!

martha said...

wow-outstanding vignettes VaVa-love all of em!

LLH Designs said...

I'm a big fan of shopping m own home. It's amazing how renesting can make such a big difference!

Love that your books have your name on them!

Have an awesome week!

mary said...

Always fun to see what's going on in The Life of VaVa!! Love everything you've done! :)

Anonymous said...

like EM said nobody fluffs like VAVA, hope this year i can stop in for a cup of tea and chat. anxious to see your lovely home. I'm finally back in town and back to my fluffing. right now I have a clean slate on most spots and it's kinda nice.
xoxoxo FRANCO

CC said...

Oh my gosh, Vava......I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE what you've done with the mirror!!!!! Beau-ti-ful!!!!