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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We're Coming to America...

Here's more, Kelly.  Just for you...

Puritans who crossed the Atlantic on "The Planter" in 1635 and produced in America: a farmer, a "proprietor" of New Haven, Connecticut, coal company employee, a philanderer, poet, hat maker, pastor, barrel maker, banker, merchant and an ax murderer or two.  These are just a few of my ancestors.  And I quote:

"It was Benjamin who was to mark his family's name in history in 1677 with that rather indelicate instrument, the ax." **

The Olde English:

"Wee, the Juary, doe declare that the decklaratshon of the
boy and the gurl as above was declared befor us by them, and doe Judg that the wund one her heed was the caus of her death, as witnes our hands."

"What makes Benjamin's action even more unusual is that his sister Mercy would, fourteen years later, kill...." ** (it's just too morbid to tell!)

And another infamous relative!  Can you figure out his name? 

He killed Alexander Hamilton, in probably the most famous duel in history, on July 11, 1804 at Weehauken New Jersey.

(Records are available to researchers at your State Archives).  ** Connecticut State Archives

Several in one family were killed by Indians at the massacre of Dover in 1689...

I've mentioned I don't like boring.  Well!  I see where THAT comes from.

And then I rather like a description of Esther:

"Her religion did not cast a gloom over her mind and made her cheerful and happy, and rendered the thought of death transporting."

Life has got to be lived -- that's all there is to it.

(Eleanor Roosevelt)


Anonymous said...

I know this one!!! Aaron Burr!!
I'm loving all these histories, you have SO many interesting relatives.....more more more!
Your brother did a great job! xoxo

Dianne said...

You are Esther! No doubt about it.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Way to go, Kelly! You win the Trivial Pursuit prize! :) sweet of you. Esther sure beats an ax murderer. Perhaps we Tuttles formed that phrase????????????