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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

10 Things I Can't Live Without

  1. coffee.  I'm just's important.  My Toddy puts a smile on my face.
  2. My computer is (too much) a part of my morning routine.  I choose to read my favorite blogs instead of watching the news.  (and so this morning, while reading V&L who guested on La Doce Vita...I came up with my list here.  The blogging world is so-very-connected.)
  3. The human touch.  A hug from My Guy or a son.  A big, crushing one is best.
  4. A few products**
    1. MAC Strobe Cream
    2. Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat
    3. Mineral make-up stuff from a Houston resource
  5. Almost-daily-calls to a certain friend(s)
  6. Laughter - if I haven't laughed for a certain period of time, I tell My Guy he must make me laugh.
  7. Movies - a love of ours - My Guy and I hit one almost every Friday night.  Or rent one.
  8. Fluffing (i.e., moving furniture, rearranging, changing out a vignette....)
  9. Bible study with the most loving, accepting women...on earth!
  10. Books - fiction, decorating, self-help, spiritual
** My name is Vava and I am a product junkie.  However, the older I get, the braver I get...and venture outside the home with far less on (product-wise) than I used to.  The items on this list are my go-to for a minimalist look.  Please do not look (ever!) in my bathroom drawers.

What about you?  What floats your boat?  Makes you giddy?  What can't you live without?


Emily said...

Here's a few things that get me giddy....
Textiles, old jewelry, my boys, my dogs, espresso or almond tea, creme brulee, a good cry, books-all books, old movies, apricot and coconut oil as moisturizer, clean hair and a new pedicure and laughing at my hilarious husband!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

11. my dogs
12. a pedi

Just like Emily! :)

Dianne said...

My list would have to include my husband and 2 children as well as my grand-dog, Ranger. Of course paint...I love paint, the smell, the way it feels the miracles it produces. My yard, magazines, living near the water as we do...could not stand to be land locked. I too love my computer and the daily phone calls with a dear fried. wink! And...what would I do without my faith and my sisters. Both are important to who I am.

annielnb said...

Gee, Va, I love your list!! I totally get the coffee (lol!--If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy...I'm just sayin'...), my 5 girls and boy, My Daniel, all things old (things and people with history, just feed my soul), photography, my computer ( I could give up the tv, but the computer, now that would be much more difficult :-) , My Bible (handbook for life), Prayer (communication with the Giver thereof), extended family & dear Friends, being creative/art/magazines/books (couldn't decide, so I lumped all those into one...haven't had my second cuppa joe yet.... :-) Thanks Va, I've loved reading everyone's lists, this is sooo fun!! May your day be and all!

Pam said...

WINE! SLEEP! Lately I need less of the first...more of the second. love ya Va...xoxo

martha said...

here are a few near and dear to my ♥:
blogging, my flower beds,morning java, time out on my deck, writing letters, family AND friends, bible and journal, bible study time, elusive tho that seems presently,entertaining, once the doorbell rings-not necessarily the prep, antiquing and fleamarketing, my slah~ soon-to-be Willow House days i just dream of it, taking pictures...Duchess and Lilah....animals in general..

LLH Designs said...

What a fun post! My number one is Jesus (I don't put him first as often as I'd like, but my life wouldn't be the same without him!). After that: family, friends, creativity, feathering my nest, fresh food and a great glass of red wine! Xo...Linsey