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Sunday, June 6, 2010



Getting ready to have six couples over.  We're going to go through "Walking with God"  by John Eldredge!  Can't of course, since I'm down to the wire, I'm focused.  Fluffing and spritzing.  Thought these pink peonies play up The Pink Lady by Artist quite nicely...

Any-hoo...I've mentioned we have a church home.  I walk in and never want to leave.  In fact, #1 Son once asked me "wazzup with this place?"  He said he could FEEL 'something' when he visits.  More often than not, I receive exactly the Rx I need!  Could be the sermon, a word from just the right person
at just the right time...
Our pastor suggested we write that down this morning.  And IT was what I needed!  I've been so scattered recently.  So badly that I haven't exercised (regularly) in a loooooonnng time, haven't had my quiet time in the morning, don't sleep well.  It shows. 
His words today were so relevant I wanted to share. 
"We've got to pay attention to what we're paying attention to."  Where we place our energy, so goes our heart.  A slap in the face (for me) was:  "Even good things (can) leave no room for God."
-  Gotta put my house together
-  Gotta organize this mess
- Gotta work in the yard
-Gotta take my in laws to the doc
Gotta, gotta, gotta.  I am THE best at rationalizing how my time is spent.  Yet, I AM SPENT.  I've not been my best lately.  And all those things are good.  They are fine; however, I know I've been missing something.  The RIGHT focus.  And this post is for ME....sort of an accountability thing so thanks for bearing with me.
FOCUS, VAVA.  It determines growth.  Yes, spiritually, but business-wise, health-wise. 
And finally...."Don't compartmentalize life."  God is - or should be - in it all
...and how funny is it that Dionne Warwick is on Sirrius singing "I'll Say a Little Prayer for You."
Please do!  :)


annielnb said...

Oh Va, that's soooo true!!! I'm sooo glad you have such a wonderful church home, I know just what you mean, I feel the same way when we are worshiping with our church family!
I totally understand about being scattered, and even though what you're doing is good, we should seek Him first, focus on Him, and everything else will get handled, and I will have His peace through all the busyness. I, too, just had this revelation very recently!! Thank you for this wonderful post Va, and those pink peonies DO look absolutely fabulous near dear Artist's wonderful painting, isn't she amazing??? So are you!! Blessings....

Dianne said...

Va I can honestly say that being focused is one of the many gifts to come out of Garland's illness. He and I are both more focused on God. Our life is more spiritual, our hearts are more centered (even in the chaos of sickness). We are more present...all of these things are blessings. You are right ...we have to pay attention to what we are paying attention to.

martha said...

THIS is goodness! Very appropriate for me right now I too , Va! I need this posted in my office , my desk in my bedroom ,and EVERYWHERE apparently! FOCUS and Discipline, and seeking FIRST the Kingdom...
Thanks, and btw this pic is LOVELY! Hope your evening of couple study was a further delight!

Pam said...

this is a great post Va...i've been trying hard to pay attention to what i'm paying attention to lately! i love that. be in the moment. i have to say that this past year...since griffy was born..i've been much better at that. i didn't want to miss a thing by not being present..we can all use a reminder...thank you! hope your evening with your friends was fun!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Great post, you always inspire me. xoxo FRANCO