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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am so not a jock.  Don't have an athletic bone in this bod.  So....when I push myself enough to feel endorphins flying; well, I rather like it!  Have you tried spinning?  Oh my gosh-it may be one of the toughest things I've attempted.

This morning I returned to the dreaded cycling room after a bit of a reprieve.  But, thanks to my pastor (see previous post), I am (attempting) focusing.  I'm paying attention to what I'm paying attention to.   Don't get excited - it's only been two days.

I was spinning my wheels, literally, and thought I might croak on an indoor bike!!! And then I got my second wind and made the hour.  I cycled as hard as I could at the end.  Eyes closed...and actually talking to God:  "Lord, help me make it.  Oh, if I can do this, it'll be a miracle." 

It dawned on me that a lot of women I know don't push themselves to their limit.  And girlfriends...I'm at the top of that list.  But...with the ole 55 coming up this fall I am feeling rather
Helen Reddy-ish.  I am woman.  Hear me R-O-A-R!!!!!!!!  Who says that an almost 55 year old cannot be fit, strong and feel great!?

I would love it if a few of my blogging buddies would join me.  Let's challenge one another.  Talk about it on your blog(s) and know that it shall not be considered bragging.  Tell us what YOU do...I know Morning T runs; half marathons!  She's already pushing herself. 

Join me...push me...and I'll push you.  Isn't that what friends do?

Can I hear a big WOO-HOO?


Morning T said...

Great post and thanks so much for including me. :)
I've been really down on myself lately with my running. After months and months of getting up at the crack of down and pushing myself as hard as I can, I don't feel like I'm improving my speed or stamina, ugh! I'm switching training schedules to get through the next month before the big race.

It is so rewarding when you get into something that you're passionate about AND it's actually good for you, but it's also hard to balance that added pressure to keep up with it.

You should very proud of yourself for getting back into what inspires you...age is just a number, but the way you feel is all that matters.


Dianne said...

Well I got tired just reading this! :)

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

T - I admire you so for your big-run-goal!!!
Dianne - YOU crack me up! :)

martha said...

i am humbles...was doing really good at walking for 6-7 weeksan hour at a time 3-4 days/week-i know i know-maybe i should get on a machine-
then life took over my schedule-hoping to get back on board next week...
i NEED accountability to be sure!

annette said...

You go, girl! I'm just getting back into exercise after a 3 month break. I can't believe how weak I've gotten. It's true-you lose it if you don't use it, so here we are. I'm needing a push but an HOUR? SPINNING? I'm remedial still on the recumbent bike. I'll be spinning hopefully, by August. And that gym membership will come in handy with the heat index in 3 digits already. Keep us posted, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Well I'm slowly getting back to exercising. Had to be careful in the beginning with partial lung capacity fear of heart rate getting too high. But I've been swimming for a week and it feels great. I'll slowly build up and then hit the machines. I remember when I was visiting the nursing homes almost daily for 8 yrs I would see people in their 90's just bopping along with all their faculties. Then I'd see people in their 70's stooped and barely shuffling. I said to myself that should be reason enuf to keep fit!!!! xoxoxo FRANCO