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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bonjour Y'all!

It's good for a girl to (periodically) indulge!  And so, a friend and I took a road trip!  Not far, just into town...but believe me when one lives in the 'burbs and travels inside the loop, one calls it a road trip!

We hit the "Mini Design Flea" this morning.  Then needed to indulge in a strong cuppa.  We stopped at a delightful coffee house for a rest with a cool, jazzy band serenading us.  I told her I felt like I was on vacation.  It is one of the best things about Houston.  There is something for everyone.  And, so we declared it a Vacation Day.  We are going to indulge!

A favorite of ours IS Indulge.  It's a touch of France in Texas! 

The owner, Cynthia, writes a delightful blog - it's a fun and informative read.  One of her must haves is "Vrai."  We slathered on the tiniest bit from the tester...and had to.  Indulge.  It's a concoction of sheabutter, peach milk, cotton oil, oats and glycerin.  C'mon.  WHO could resist?  Also a great stop for hostess gifts...and the perfect something for the person who has it all.

While tootling around town, we happened down Ferndale.  Tell me, is this France OR Houston?

There was a bit of sensory overload at Kuhl-Linscomb after a while....but not before I snapped "Cool" CC in THE cutest garage sale/flea market attire E-V-E-R!

There was another retailer that's always on our in-town tour before we bid you adieu...

I had to.  Indulge.  They are NEVER on sale.  And they were...

Nothing like girl-time!  It does a body good! 

And as the French would say....




Dianne said...

The only thing missing from this trip was me!!! I am green and wish i had been with you. You are both darling and such sweet dear friends. Love you!

mary said...

and me!! How fun!!! thanks for sharing. :)
You two are ADORABLE!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

You two are too cute to be going to a fleas market!!!!!!!! I hope you had a glorious time. xoxo Gretchen

Morning T said...

Looks like you two enjoyed the day! It was so nice to get to meet you and thank you both for stopping by our sale!

MA said...

Deeeeelightful!!! You both are just THE cutest. :)
BFFs! And Mais oui -- of course you indulged -- rightfully so! Thanks for your swell tale!

Pam said...

man I wish I was there...what color jack rogers did you score? and you girls look smashing!

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Pam! "Platinum" - sort of silver, sort of gold. LOVE!

kayellen said...

what fun!!
So nice to meet you :))

Thanks for stopping by my 1776 table-setting~~~

Happy 4th to you too!!


Kay Ellen