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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

His Story

(Heart-felt words from #2 Son at 20 years old)

The Lost Man's Prayer

I'm sorry...sorry for all the pain.
I never meant to drive this family insane.
We always strived for better, for more to gain...
All the energy we had is gone, down the drain.

Down the gutter.
I didn't mean to curse out my mother.
And for my father, those words I never meant to utter.
Every day I wonder what life would be like if there was no thunder - throughout this family.
Would I be smarter or dumber, would I still to this day be by my Dad's side as a runner?

Would I look forward to each and every summer?  Is it possible that I would wake up feelin younger?
...with no stress or is it all a test...from God, where life is a challenge and you have to figure it out like chess?

Yes, my whole life has been a mess.
But please don't give up, we will all make it, Wes.
This is all for the best, soon we will figure out what I was doing wrong.
We won't have to guess and from then on we will do good.
Just like we should.

My whole life I have felt misunderstood, but family, we will be okay.
As long as every day I cross my hands and pray.  Amen.

(June 23, 2010)


CaroG said...

This is absolutely wonderful!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad he let you post his poem. What great words straight from his heart. Mary O.

martha said...

wow-he is baring his dear heart...this is very powerful and speaks volumes....
thanks for sharing Reed and Va!

Chrissie Buse said...

God is working in his heart and in his mind. Praises to Him for His power and love... His plans are good!

mary said...

powerful words.
you are very loved Reed!
keep the faith. ♥

moondiva said...

Wonderful and heartfelt...prayers going up.

Dianne said...

Just so powerful it brings chills. Thank you Reed for allowing it to be published. I am praying with you. xoxoDianne

CC said...

Oh my goodness! How very powerful! God bless and be with you, Reed!
I'm keeping you in my daily prayers~

Joy said...

All I can say is Wow. He totally gets it and he is really wanting to turn things around. Bless his heart. There is healing in those words and he knows God is his strength.
♥ Joy

Girl Meets Paris said...

There are no words to add to such a sweet, precious post.

Anonymous said...

Precious and bittersweet....A big hug to each and every one of you....Eyes up!

Rebecca said...

Thank you, Vava, and Reed, for sharing this. It is such a testament to the power of love. God bless you and keep you. xoxo

Wanda Dupree said...

absolutely beautiful, VA, thanks for posting, love you Wanda