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Friday, July 30, 2010

Celebrate Good Times...

(The backyard at 7:30 pm)


Friday evenings may be my favorite time of the week.
My Guy loves weekends (i.e., AWAY from work) and we've always celebrated our weekends.

Tonight is different.  We're not going on a date but are putzing around the home and in the garden.
He and #2 Son worked in the backyard while I worked INside.  It's very rewarding - team work.
I am most thankful for the past week.  And celebrating by dancing around the house to my music.
(Thank goodness the guys were one witnessed such folly!) 

So I lift my glass to YOU!  Here's to a weekend of rest, joy, and being on the same team...
(with whomever you're celebrating life with!)


Dawn said...

Happy Happy Weekend to you! My Powell is getting his wisdom teeth out tomorrow I will be nursing him this weekend, BUT my Prince is off this Sunday...yipppeee!!! xoxo

Dianne said...

Va, this picture is beautiful. You need to post it in the teepee. I am so grateful your week was full of blessings. Ours was full of wellness. Let's toast! clink!

Anonymous said...


moondiva said...

Have a great weekend. xoxo ;D

Carol said...

Your garden looks so glad to hear there are more dancin queens out there- and that I am not alone!
I think that means we are ready for another dance party perhaps in our near future?
Off to the big D for the wedding of my dear friend Jennifer..have a great weekend with Your Guy!
love u,

Anonymous said...

so you're dancin makes me smile!!! xoxo FRANCO

Anonymous said...

oops forgot the word glad....duh