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Monday, July 12, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!

Two heads are better than one.  Brother #2 just called and we reminisced of "days gone by."  I was laughing my head off at his memories.  Below is an email of his:

I remember Brother #1 and I being banished to the servants quarters over the garage (the greatest punishment EVER), being driven to "The Club" every morning, and killing dozens and dozens of cotton tailed rabbits on Mimi's front lawn.  I also remember the Sun Room and you forgot the hand rolled butter balls.

Miriam, The Cook, had two paddles that she'd roll to make the perfect butter ball.  Brother asked:  "Why do you do that?"  The answer:  "Your grandmother prefers her butter this way."

Our dad hunted.  He had two sons and thought they'd like pellet guns.  One morning both my brothers went a-hunting.  Brother #2 recalls nabbing 50 bunnies.  And then Mimi and her bridge group returned for lunch.  Needless to say she was furious.  Dad  tried not to laugh.  And you wonder why they weren't allowed to stay in the main house?

The three of us had breakfast in the kitchen.  At the same time every morning, the buzzer (The Annunciator Box) would sound (loudly) in the kitchen.  Said buzz announced Mimi was ready for her breakfast.  Miriam prepared the tray - and it looked precisely the same every morning.  A plate of toast, sliced on the diagonal, covered with a silver cloche.  There was a vase with a single bud, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.  And up the stairs, Nester would go.

...and then it was our turn.  We'd go in to pay our respects to Mimi.  Brother #2 says it was much like paying tribute to The Queen.  The Boys were  not "allowed" to linger.  "Boys, the car is waiting."  ...and down the stairs they'd go.  Nester drove them to "The Club."


Anonymous said...

I do love the fact that you are sharing your memories with us. You write so well. Hope brother lets u write the script for the family album. Your Mimi looks so sweet, but I know she had her standards. Aren't u cute with your pressed skirt. Does anyone in the family still
own the home? I know your Dad lives up there some
where. xoxoxo FRANCO

Dianne said...

These stories are priceless. Life with Mimi should be a book! I am so enthralled by it all. xoxo

Dawn said...

1. Your header looks "outta sight"!!!!!!
2. Your stories are a that you share this with all of us!