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Friday, July 9, 2010

Glue Guns are a Girl's Best Friend!

Blogging has replaced my many (now deceased) shelter magazine subscriptions.  While surfing, I ventured to the exotic resort of India Hicks.  Several fun "musts" of hers ended up on my list.

I do believe my toes might sport turquoise soon.  Essie's, Turquoise & Caicos put a smile on my face.  Note, FACE...not the toes...yet.

And then Ms. Hicks and I have something in common:  a printer's tray.  How many of us had these in the '70s or '80s filled with country kitsch???  Check hers out here.  Mine is above.

I'm the least crafty crafter around; but containers filled with shells and a glue gun, voila!  The coolest part about my shells is that they mean something.  I collected every one of them...some on a beach in Saudi Arabia about 30 years ago, others from my favorite beach in Long Island.  Turkey.  Galveston.  The sand dollars were a gift from a friend in the Carolinas. 

It's really fun to repurpose - now to find a place to hang it.

Hope this weekend brings a bit of joy to each of you!



Dawn said...


Dianne said...

Your N.C. friend totally agrees with what you have done here! :)

Dianne said...

Also love your new header pictures. Duke is too much!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

I LOVE your new header! I'm wearing the turquoise polish on my toes right now!! So cute.

Pam said...

so creative and pretty and summery! and LOVE the new header!! xoxo

MA said...

Hi V, :)
I am too, too tardy with keeping up on all these wonderful blogs so I'm grateful to Dianne for nudging me your way. You ARE so very talented! I think your shells and their stories are delightful and yes, repurposing anything is double points points! BTW, My toes were turquoise last summer and my nieces wanted my toes tinged that way again. I toe painted the same hue this weekend -- for them -- but I was going to redo them in some other color today. But...not just quite yet....thanks Doll! :) I do so love being accidentally hip! :)
Love you! MA