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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A 9 or a 10!

Me, Dad, #1 Son and Mimi, oh about 20 years ago...

Even on a casual Mimi
 "dressed to the nines."

Lipstick:                        check
Manicured nails:            check
Immaculately coiffed:   check
Classic jewelry:             check

"Dressed to the nines" origin is unknown but may be a reference of scale.  Who IS a 10?  In my mind Mimi came close.  She certainly was a good role model!

I hope your daughters are blessed to sit at an older woman's feet.  SO MUCH LIFE there!


Dianne said...

I love this picture. I love how you so tenderly touch Mimi's arm. The love is so gentle. I am so glad you are blessed with these memories. My daughter has the same type role model in my mother. It is wisdom gained from years and given through love. Priceless! I hope I have a grand-daughter one day! Oh the stories I will tell! :)

catie said...

oh! i love this picture, too!
ned has the very same batman shirt.
your mimi was a gem.

Anonymous said...

V, I am enjoying your travel back in time. Such
wonderful memories. I wish you still had your
Mimi, such wisdom. Very handsome family. Are you
close to you Dad and his wife? xoxox FRANCO

Girl Meets Paris said...

So cool... when my Grandma used to visit when I was a kid, she would come downstairs for breakfast in a complete ensemble... dress/siut... hair done, shoes and hose ON, and of course a complete set of matching jewelry... pin, earrings, necklace, bracelet, and sometimes ring. All costume of course, but she was stylin'. Thanks for the memories!


martha said...

yes this is such a reminder of when my grandmother..."ramra" couldn't say grandma..would come visit..such a polished llok-i remember having to change into clean clothes for dinner then-very proper!