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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Vava's Travels: Getting Giddy

July 2008:  Road Trip to Santa Fe (Part I)

The fashion show began in the driveway in Amarillo.  Really!? Who cares about looking like a fashion plate to drive for hours?  Four of my friends.

While tootling along a desert highway, we saw a HONKIN' bus and knew it had to be "someone."  At the truck stop, we asked.  It was Papa Roach!  Who?  Not on our playlist but after calling my #1 son, found they WERE known to others.  Said truck stop introduced "New Mexico" to us:  Indian goods and pottery.
We were starved for Tomasita's; however, a girl's gotta shop.  The first (unnecessary) purchases were $6.00 bracelets sold by a bearded lady.  We were favored by a great parking place.  At the Plaza, the parking gods once again blessed us.  And the hunt was on...for turquoise and the infamous "TC" bracelet.  Peach owned a bracelet I coveted and the initials "TC" were inscribed inside.  The Indians were selling their wares on the sidewalks - all shook their heads:  "No TC."  I was pretty disappointed.  Peach bought into the myth a copper bracelet to help her arthritis.
More shopping - Mac got a new wrap.  I bought a blue drop.  The store clerk was filled with joy and exuded peace.  She told us we must attend "Openings" - a Santa Fe event on Canyon Road, gave us directions, touched her heart and  blessed us with "namaste."  All the art galleries opened (hence "Openings") their doors and offered libations & SNACKS for free!!!

Mac loves to check out snacks as she is a caterer and fabulous cook.  Our favorite gallery was owned by Brad.  He wanted to paint a nude of Mac.  We made our own fun on the way down Canyon Road: laughing so hard we made fools of ourselves (again).  I spotted Rikki and Ralph Lauren!

On our travels we have a mantra "no chains."  Not even Starbucks....which led us the next day to a local espresso shop.  Two hippies manning the joint made ice iced coffees.  B+!  While sipping and chatting, a customer overheard us.  He was a jeweler and as fate would have it, told us he had a bracelet just like Peach's!!!!  The five of us (sort of) take over whatever space we're in.  The jewelry store was now ours.  An hour or more later, we left donning glorious arm candy.  Mine made me giddy.  The silver cuffs were officially named "Giddy."

The road trip continues....


Dianne said...

So that is the rest of the story! Just want to say that you are a party waiting to happen dear friend. Love you!

Anonymous said...

LOOOOOVE the story of your Giddy bracelet!! What a FUN road trip fo sho!! Oh, those memories! You need to make another trip, and I'D meet you there! Va, will you post all of your wonderful song mixes and tell us about them? xoxo