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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Binge Friday!

Life itself is the proper binge."  - Julia Child

I declare TODAY as Binge Friday.  I'm going to do what dear Julia suggests...binge on LIFE!  Live today to the VERY fullest!  I've always {{{LOVED}}} Fridays.  Especially as a working professional.  And, even now - as a stay at home wife, I have a sense of expectancy - oh....whatever are we going to do tonight?  My Friday fun usually begins when My Guy walks in the door after a hard week at work.  Since I am an early riser, I have 10.5 hours BEFORE he gets home.  What to do?  Where to add some oomph to my life?  Here's a start:

  1. I will use my Starbucks gift card and buy myself a treat.
  2. I will sharpen 24 Ticonderoga pencils and put them in a pretty vessel.
  3. I will steal away time to read 30 minutes of a guilty broad daylight.  (Whoa!)
  4. I will revel in watching Karen Leiker & Michael Stephens teach dance at my Cotillion class.
  5. I will go on a date with My Guy.
Ticonderoga No. 2 Soft Pencils, Twelve 24 Count Hang-Tab Boxes, Total 288 Pencils - (Wood-Cased, Black Writing) in Matte Black (13926)    Starbucks 16 Ounce Clear Insulated Tumbler   Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)  

I'm tagging a few fellow bloggers - I'd love to see what fun they put in their Fridays!

"Flops are part of life's menu and I'm never a girl to miss out on a course." (Rosalind Russell). 

This girl isn't missing a beat - on  Binge Friday!


Pam said...

Va- I LOVE it! Binge Fridays is a fabulous idea! Keep it for me..taking the kids into Boston to the aquarium! Enjoy your day girlfriend!! xoxo

Morning T said...

Your list is fabulous and thanks for tagging me. Once I get through this crazy morning (started off with reading to my daughter's kindgerten class- yikes!) I will post about this.
Happy Friday to you!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was tagged! Out of Colorado! Oh, too funny!! Great minds think alike, I'm convinced! Go read today's blog. I feel like it's
a binge since I haven't done it in so long! Indulging in a huge mug of Earl, magazines galore,
daydreams and cozy fire! Homemade pasta ravioli for dinner. LOVE your list....enjoy every single minute of your Friday and date with your guy! Love you so,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Morning T said...

OK Virginia- My binge Friday post is out there. Thanks again and happy weekend. :-)

Dawn said...

I love your know..and I bought OUR pencils today in BLACK...I didn't get around to my Binge list...have my niece for the weekend.

annette said...

Binge and I have been a little too close lately, so I am rather embarrassed to tell you it's been a holiday every day since my birthday. In honor of Binge Friday, I will tell you I ate a whole bag of Sun Chips because it said the portion size was one bag. Don't you appreciate honesty! Love the concept and the way you think!

martha said...

how did it all go Va? Continue on into the moonlight?

MA said...

Hey Virginia!
Good for you and your binge day!
You've inspired me to stop at Starbucks and use my giftcard for some hot cocoa today...Let's ALL binge!:)
Hey - I found those awesome pencils ALREADY sharpened -- at Office Depot! Gotta love it!
I just finished all my Christmas gifted books so I think I hear the library calling out to me...trouble is that when I read I don't get to spend enough time checking in at all the lovely blogs...
All things in moderation...right?
Love you!