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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To Lent or Not...

I'm not Catholic, so never "Lented" when I was a youngster.  Not until 4 years ago, did I have the discipline to do ANYTHING for 40 days!!!!  #2 son had been sent off - by the law, mind you, not us.  But, it was all meant for good - as most things are.  It's hard to accept while IN it; but God knew I needed a  break. 
While driving that son to court, "Jesus Take the Wheel" came screaming on the radio.  No coincidence there. 

The next morning was the first day of Lent. was the first morning in oh, say 10 years that I had NO stress - aka #2 son.  Don't get me wrong, I loved my boy.  Unabashedly, unequivocally.  Speaking of "uns" - I was undone at this point, so much so, that a son sent away was acceptable.  God granted me the grace and peace to accept it.  And on top of that, I felt He was sending me to boot camp.  One of His design.  Lent.  40 days.  Obedience had NEVER been in my vocab.  "Lord, help me" had new meaning.

I was a closet candy consumer.  A sugar freak of no discernment.  It didn't matter if my fix was a fishbowl of M&Ms or the finest chocolates from Switzerland.  (Man, THAT was the wrong gift my brother brought one Christmas!!!).  I "met" a blogger yesterday, Clover Lane, who tells of her Lenten resolutions.  She's giving up the old sugar habit too.  I want her to know it CAN be done.  I've been sugar-free for 4 years now.  It is such a miraculous breakthrough for me that it had to be a God-thing.  I've had a statement of Beth Moore's taped to my daytimer since 2001"If you are about to do something so far out of the ordinary, that you could not do it without God, then it has God written all over it."  I focused on this back in '01 when I had to speak in public.  I think it applies to Lenten resolves too.

Wonder if Beth's mantra can help me this year?  My DVR schedule is full.  I spend too much time (wasting) my nights.  I'm going to give it a go - give up TV for 40 days.  If I say it here, out loud, I might manage...due to guilt.  I know - guilt is not of God.  Remember, obedience & Vava don't mix well.  If you pray, please pray for me (and Clover Lane).  I hope to spend more time reading, organizing, paying attention to what HE wants me to do.

(I'll let you know how I do and whether I decide to erase all the recorded shows...)


Sarah said...

I LOVE that Beth Moore quote! I need to tape that someplace!
4 years! I am SO impressed. I was having some really bad cravings last night!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vava.
I will DEFINITELY pray for you my friend.
As a person who almost NEVER puts the tv on here in our home...Can be weeks and weeks, and then when I do, it is to watch a Spiritual Cinema dvd with movies, or an OnDemand movie that we wanted to see. What I am trying to say, is that although I do not 'know' the 'pull' that television watching (and your 'shows' that you love to watch each night) :)....I DO understand the 'pull' of something that is difficult to let go of...So my precious friend, I honor you in your choice to do this...I believe in you. And I believe that You and God, TOGETHER, can do this, without question. I would imagine there are lots of books that have been 'calling out to you' from the bookshelves, that will be so happy to see your lovely face as you open them up in the coming weeks and days. I love you Vava. (Praying from the stands in your 'cheerleader section') ... xoxoxo San

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Vava, There are things that would be hard for me to give up too...sugar would be on the list. I grew up Catholic, and although I am no longer Catholic, I still remember the pressure to "give up" something for Lent. Now, I prefer to think of adding something instead of giving up something else. For me, that makes more sense. So maybe instead of you "giving up" TV you could word it as "I am adding more time in my life for ...reading, meditating, taking care of my body, mind, or spirit. And I am taking the time I used to spend on TV to do this." That sounds like less deprivation and more giving yourself a gift! I think God likes that better anyway!! At least I'd like to think so. I will certainly be praying for you in this exciting new endeavor!! Just think of all the time you will have now to do other wonderful things... xooxxo Love you, Gretchen

Pam said...

oh Va!! I had no idea you've been sugar-less for FOUR years!! Way to go girl! I loved this blog post and I hope you don't mind if I borrow that quote. You are an inspiration as I am jumping on the no sugar band wagon. xoxo

Rebecca said...

You can do it, Virginia! If anyone can find all kinds of interesting things to fill her days and nights, it's you! With you all the way, sister!

Emily said...

How can I top what Gretchen said? I love her perspective on this. Yes, you can do it! You can add more time for good things vs. TV!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are one of the most disciplined people I know. God will give you the strength. One of the "tricks" to success, (so I'm told), is to replace it with something. If you don't, you have a hole you have to fill with something and it's easy to revert back to old habits of default mode. I will be praying for you. Faith pleases Him, but I've been in the book of Numbers lately with my readings, and it certainly has a lot to say about obedience! Love you!