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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Naps + Niacin

I've spent the past four days with my sis-in-law.
We spent many hours moving her folks, my in-laws, to an independent living community.
The menfolk spent many calories lugging 1960's (heavy), wooden furniture up 2 flights of stairs.
All spent a lot of time repeating ourselves.
I'm spent(definition: adjective)  1.tired out; physically exhausted; without energy  She's not.
                                                                                        2.used up; worn out; without power  

Sis-in-law blows my mind. She's got energy without the help from "5 Hour Energy."  She is a machine.

My new BEST friend!  And, I learned it is doctor-prescribed.  Woo-hoo.  It's stuffed with vitamins, lots of Niacin and the "Bs".  It's in a cute little bottle...easy to down.  And, it did help.  That and at least a 10 minute "nap" with my legs up the wall!

                               (oops...that's Duke, not me!)

                                (Try it, you'll LOVE it!!)

And read here WHY we should take time and slam our legs up the wall ...a lot!

Note to self: hide 5 Hour Energy when sis-in-law comes back to town!


Anonymous said...

This is great stuff, VA! Andrew even drinks it before hockey games....helps him stay focused and energetic throughout the game. We love it!
I'm so happy you got everything done and I'm sure you and Patti had many therapeutic gut laughs!

Anonymous said...

Well it's good to see someone in the family has kept their dignity, right Stella!!! ? I think Duke does everything you do. :)
Glad you and Patti accomplished so much.

Pam said...

I'm going to "legs up" right now...glad you had fun!