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Friday, November 5, 2010

Seeing Red!

Everywhere I turn I am seeing red.  I'm not angry....I literally see red - on lips, in fashion, in homes.  What caught my eye at first is the lip of J. Crew. She may be 30 years younger than I am; but red lips are a classic, right?  I used to wear red lips.  My now 27 year old son told me at the age of 10:  "Mom, we can't go yet; you don't have your lips on!"  Friends gave me grief because no matter what, I had my red lips going.  And it never came off!!! (love that - I could eat a 4-course meal and still my lips were in tact). 
Did you know???? 
-  For millennia, red lipstick has been both treasured and forbidden.
-  Its appeal is primal, offering a vivid shortcut to glamour.***
-  The Nazi party banned lipstick as early as 1933, announcing that "women with painted faces" would not   be admitted to party functions.

***with red lipstick, we are supposed to wear less eye makeup and so it is a shortcut to glamour!!!! 

Those few tidbits came from this book:

Is this cover unbelievable?????  And it's RED!!!!  This is a Christmas gift for a certain someone; but I HAD to glance through it...and found "Red Lipstick."  It's a pretty cool book....

Even after writing this post, I discovered the very topic in "Veranda" last night.  There on the last page, the founder, Lisa Newsom, shares her love of the color red. 

Red is in the air!  And what perfect timing.  I love the color orange (autumn, Thanksgiving, etc.),  BUT give me Christmas.  Oh, I am a Christmas girl and seeing red so prevalent gets me giddy for the holidays!!!!

It's too early to decorate for Christmas; however, I can decorate my lips.  Below are some oldies that might still work.


Emily said...

I love a mat finish red, not shiny with lipstick. I have several reds made by MAC. Love them! Just wish I had fuller lips, but I would never consider lip injections, yuck! I need to check out that book too.

mary said...

being a fair skin & auburn hair gal, I've never gone for the red lip. However, I love my red boots, scarves, and accents throughout my home. :)

Pam said...

I need to find that book! The cover looks beautiful..and boy do I wish I could wear red lipstick. It looks so bad on me!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love love love RED! I used to wear red lips all the time, but since I've aged, my lips look better in neutrals and nude. I only wear bright lips if it's a fancy night out. I HAVE to get that book! Where did you find it? Do tell! xoxo