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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Live Well, Laugh Hard!

I can't sleep tonight yet I should be able to.  My Guy is in the next room snoaring lightly; healthy and here.  A dear friend is not as fortunate.  Last night she and her guy were home and within maybe a two hour time span, she lost him.  He passed away very suddenly.  No illness; no health issues.  Gone. Like. That.

Last night I could not let My Guy go.  I listened to him breathe.  And tonight, I wasn't sleepy but I crawled under the covers to just hug him...but I can't drift off.  My heart is so heavy for my friend.

Only a month ago, I received THE perfect birthday card.  It's all about laughing.  She knows I love a good laugh.  I thought I'd post a couple of GREAT pictures.  One a few years old, the other just last week.

# 2 Son 3 years ago, ROARING at his uncle.
(This picture will be a fixture in my mind forever!)

and then just last week....I get this:

... on my cell phone!
Two friends that probably DID fall off of their chairs.
And so my wish for you is:

We simply must live in the present and my blogging friend, Linsey has a beautiful
message about doing just that.)

Live well and laugh hard my friends!!!!


Girl Meets Paris said...

So sorry for your friend. Life is precious..that's for certain.

I've always said...if I can keep my sense of humor in tact, I'll be fine.

Love, love the pic of your son!

Pam said...

oh Va I'm so sorry for your friends loss. I wish I could laugh with you in person someday. I bet you have the best laugh! xoxo

Emily said...

My heart breaks for your friend. A good laugh is always good medicine. Yes, be present, be still, be here now........

Dianne said...

This blog leaves me speechless...not sure in my circumstance what to say. Live in the hard!

jill said...

va, i came over from catie's blog...i don't take enough time to blog hop - such treasures in your writing.

i am so sorry to hear about your friend. i know that your friend is lucky to have you to lean on. take care and know that i'll be thinking of you and your friend ♥

moondiva said...

So very sorry about your friends loss. She and you are very lucky to have each other. Prayers going up for both of you. Every day is precious.

LLH Designs said...

You are precious. I am honored to be your "blog friend." Thank you for reminding us to LIVE, to LAUGH and to LOVE.

Thankful for you,

Anonymous said...

Our hearts go out to your dear friend. Great quote... Laughter really is the best medicine.


Nicki said...

Oh, Va...So sorry for your friend's loss. When Jeff is snoring up a storm, next to me in bed, I just give thanks... because he's to me. I do love that quote too!
xoxo Nicki

Anonymous said...

Oh VaVa I'm so sorry for your friend, I can't imagine the pain. Last year my cousin's husband died in his sleep at 60. She's still in a stupor. sooooooooo hug the ones u love often and lighten up and laugh...thats a good motto. xoxox FRANCO