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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Command Central

Here is a corner of my kitchen.  I call it command central...especially at this time of year!  The green box holds the notes I've taken the last 18 years for our annual Christmas party!  It's a blast to peruse the guest list...and see if they are still around or quietly slipped out of our lives.

I keep notes of the stuff served, recipes are clipped.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving and the cooking begins!!!  (I've added this holiday to my "Christmas box.")  I have tear sheets in it of vignettes, table settings, decorations.  A little treasure chest just for me!  I glance through it daily...from today through Christmas!

It's easy for me to get swept away in all the fa-la-la-la-la!  I'm a Christmas nut!  ...and I have to force myself to be disciplined in the other aspects of life.  I am not exercising enough.  And my time with the Lord in the mornings seems a bit rushed.  Just like everyone else - I am hurrying & scurrying.

I did take time (a second) and read "Streams in The Desert" today.  And came across this lovely little paragraph: 

There is in the deepest center of the soul a chamber of peace where God dwells, and where, if we will only enter in and hush every other sound, we can hear His still, small voice.

These words touched me.  I must remember who is Commander-in-Chief and when I am still and join in His presence; my soul will be at peace. 

But, the kitchen is beckoning me now.  Off to Command Central.  Happy Thanksgiving!


Dawn said...

Happy Thanksgiving Vava!
I love seeing your command central...thanks for sharing! xoxo

Dianne said...

OMG Va, that message sent goose bumps through me. It is so true, why is it so hard to do? Get still and listen...must make a mental note to do that more often.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your house full!

annette said...

Beautiful words to center on today -His still small Voice. No wonder you throw the best parties! Happy Thanksgiving to you, dear friend. Love you!

Girl Meets Paris said...

A good word for the is time of year. Sometimes that still, small voice gets drowned out by the hurry and scurry!

It's fun, but we must keep the main thing the main thing!

Anonymous said...

Great post, VA! I can't wait to hear the menu and ideas for this year! Do share when you get time, but for now, I will be still and you! xoxo