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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Nights + Sofas!

Ok, I'm all about keeping it real.  And this is the real us on a Sunday night.  We moved the sofa back down here.  It's been upstairs for 5 months.  I tried living with my two upholstered chairs where you see the sofa.  But, honestly...we are a sofa family.  I must admit I really want a new one; but this works.  Workout equipment is out & about, it looks a mess.  But, it's real life on Sunday night.

Sunday nights are important to us.  Especially when football is on.  And more so when our Cowboys are winning.  My Men are die-hard fans. 

I am grateful this evening.  And, it's just small stuff...but it's REAL stuff.

♥  Our first fire of the season.
 ♥ Our first pot of chili.  And it was really good....a Martha Stewart recipe
 (infused with a touch of cocoa).
♥  Sunday paper strewn everywhere.
♥  Our dogs right by our side.

Fall 2010 has been our most peaceful, love-filled, harmonious in 10+ years.  HEY!!!!  That's why I wanted the sofa back downstairs!!!  We can sit close to one another, cuddle up.
Yup, I'm talking about #2 Son cuddling. 

 My ♥ overflows.


Dianne said...

You brought tears to my eyes. Oh you all look so comfy and close. I love the fire going and those two fur babies under the table ( Duke looks so innocent...wonder what he has eaten up lately). This picture is heart warming for sure! You deserve this harmony in your and your faith and undying love are being rewarded . Love you!!!

Pam said...

Looks and sounds like the perfect Sunday evening. xoxo

Emily said...

Perfection happening in the Johnson home!

CC said...

Oh, Virginia! I love, love, love this post and this picture!!!!!! It captures something very special....very real.....Love it and you!!!!


catie said...

i love the picture.
i love the post.
i love that you are feeling such peace.
i love that you are moving furniture in the interest of cuddling.
i love you.

Lindad Mallis said...

What a beautiful thing. Isn't it amazing what makes us happy these days? Nothiing better than what I see in that picture.

Anonymous said...

We love the fact that you keep it real... Your image is sooo cozy and we love your fireplace!


Anonymous said...

Dear Vava,
I like eddie's comment, you keep it real. yes u share the good, bad and ugly. but most of all u share the real thing. I could bring my fuzzy boys and snuggle right in with this family yelling at those Cowboys. I am so happy for the well deserved peace this family is experiencing. Think I'll write about u in my gratitude journal tonite. xoxoxo FRANCO

Anonymous said...

Love this post! Sundays are the best, and this picture is so HOME and COMFORT! I actually am confessing here and now that I let Lynn bring up
the recliner from the basement to the LR, in the interest of all being together in the same room watching football, etc.! Love you!

LLH Designs said...

LOVE the fire! We light our every chance we get!

lazymaisy said...

Yes one word ...Home......which we all know is where the heart is.