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Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's Hue with You?

I'm feeling golden...we have a (pretty) harmonious home life going.  The temp has dropped allowing me to wear my favorite clothing.  Blogs are bursting with beautiful vignettes of golden pumpkins, mouth watering recipes for scones and pumpkin lattes.

And so, with a few minutes on hand I strolled through the homestead and noticed not only do I FEEL golden (aka "well"), my home has layers of golden hues.  Wow!

And it makes me wonder if everyone's home is the same hue that they put on their body?  Their favorite color?  I was born in September, does that have a huge impact?  I loved the book "September."  When I was in high school I CHOSE to wear olive green (long before it was hip or cool).  One friend back then remarked:  "Why are you wearing army green?"  We are still friends today.  And I still wear muddy, army, olive green!  And so does my place.  With gold, copper, rusty hues.  Hhhhmmmm.

Even my business card reflects my coloring (I have a really good graphics artist that "nailed me.")  Am I boring...or just know what I like?  I think I know what makes me feel good!

Autumn does.  


Dianne said...

Autumn certainly agrees with you! You wear it well.

Girl Meets Paris said...

Loving your banner girl!

Business cards?? Does this mean you've chosen your new career? I seem to remember you were thinking it through...what did ya come up with?

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Hey Trish! Thanks! I've had a biz (etiquette consulting) for 9 years; but it's floundered w/the economy...which is making me flounder. :)

LLH Designs said...

A designer friend of mine likes to look at people's closets to see what colors they like to wear before she begins their new interior design plan.

People often tell me my home looks like my stationery. Lots of the same colors and influences. ;)

Happy day to you!

martha said...

Are you talking about Rosamonde Pilcher's September??
I bet your card IS stunning-could we peek?
And have you considered a Staging Biz??
Your pics of spots in your home are lovely as always!