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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Let's Just Skip 13!

Posted by PicasaSpring, 1982 (Connecticut): Brothers + Half-Sis...

I had been married for five years.  My brothers and I traveled from Texas to attend Dad's (3rd) wedding.  My half-sister from Dad's wife #2 was in attendance as well. 

I've told you before how very dashing Dad is.  And once again he got himself a fine wife.  Stepmom #2 was only 9 years older than me.  She was accomplished: a fabulous interior designer, worldly, a gourmet cook, she had it all.

It started with Stepmom #1. She was the one who wore the itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny bikini, the Bain de Soleil bod, clad in designer clothing; picture perfect.  And I was 13 when they married.  I really could have used a Fairy Godmother.   Do you remember 13, girls?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!  No WONDER the #13 has an evil connotation!  She would have said:  "Don't look in the mirror with your eyes.  Someday you'll appreciate your auburn hair, curly locks.  You'll revel in your loud (obnoxious) laughter.  Look at yourself the way God sees you!"
Fast forward....about 13 years.  The wedding in '82.  It was classy in a Connecticut kinda way!  In their home, intimate with family and close friends.  I was a grown up so no biggie that he was marrying...again. Enter Fairy Godmother:  "Oh, may not be reed thin or have your Daddy close by; BUT you are married to a man that loves you.  Respects you."

Stepmom #2 and I have become dear friends over the years; but it took work on my part.  The daughter-jealous of any woman-taking time away from Dad-syndrome would wax and wane.
I look back and think how silly I was.  I never needed a Fairy Godmother!  No matter how much or how little my earthly Dad was around my heavenly Father never left my side. 

I'd like to tell all 13 year old girls that whatever they feel now, good or bad; ask their Fairy Godmother for this wish:  "...please introduce me to The One."   And my prayer is that it doesn't take 35 years or so to shed that 13 year old skin.


Joy said...

You are so pretty in this picture. Yes, there is so much wisdom in the years isn't there. I can't think of one person that would ever go back and be 13 again.
♥ Joy

Dianne said...

Once again your words blow my mind. Deep inside you is a book waiting to be penned. I hated 13 too...wanted straight hair and had curly hair.Wanted to be "cool"...didn't know I already was. xoxo

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Thank you Joy! :)
Oh, Dianne - what buds we would have been together at 13. I, too, CRAVED being cool!

catie said...

perhaps you could combine
contemporary etiquette and
contemporary fairy godmothering.
♥ ♥ ♥

NENSA MOON said...

Hi Vava,
I found your site fro Joy.
Love this post!
You looked so beautiful in the pic.
13 is the age that is very vulnerable .If it could...lets just skip the title of this post...

Very nice post!

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!
warmest regards,

Emily said...

Lovely words, from such a lovely woman. I hope you have a granddaughter someday to pass along such wisdom.

Anonymous said...

Great post... you were a beauty at 13!!


martha said...

Vava!!!! GREAT photo here with your sibs....
Catie's comment is GREAT! I know the girls youa re mentoring are RICHER for the time they spend...your insights are KEEN!

kayce hughes said...

Well said!