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Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Things!

Have you missed me?  I've been MIA for a good reason.  I returned to work - 25 hours a week and even that's put a kink in my energy level.  I have Emergen-C on my (work) desk.  It's a necessity.

New thing #1:  Returning to work is part of the plan God (obviously) has for me.  While going to a class Thursday mornings on healing life's hurts, I had one of those "aha" moments.  We learned that if we've judged; it's coming right back at us.  Let me give you an example.  I posted on my bosses and once upon a time I cloaked each with an adjective:  abusive, dismissive, condescending, etc.  I judged the bejeebers out of them.  In almost every position, "Mr. Hart" was my boss.  I'd ask My Guy "WHY do I have a boss like this?  What is the meaning behind this?"  And, I'd bad-mouth, judge, gripe about how horrible they were to me.  Sort of bitter....ya know?

Dabney Coleman as "Mr. Hart" in Nine to Five.

During Sherry's class three weeks ago, she talked about bitter roots.  We have to PULL THEM OUT, get rid of them.  I had an epiphany....I judged them therefore continued having the SAME type of supervisor in my life...Can you say "AHA!?"

On the evening of February 23 our home phone rings and I hear:  "Virginia, this is Pastor Dan.  I'd like you to come work for me."  Huh???????????????  Dan is one of our church pastors.....and My Guy and I have to count him as a favorite in our church!  To make a long story short, I met with him two days later and learned about the position.  I left absolutely giddy.  And excited.  And peaceful.  And scared.  The job is a stretch; but how else does one grow? 

This is week two.  It's going to be good.  It's all new at this point but I am most thankful that God has answered a prayer of mine - what do YOU want me to do, Lord?  How can I serve YOU?  My new boss is a godly man - filled with kindness, joy, and creativity!  It's just SO cool!!!!!!!!!!!

New thing #2.  I've gone green.  No, I'm not talking about my green sofa.  I traded in my honkin' gas guzzler SUV for a 2006 hybrid!!!  30 - 35 mpg!  Woo-hoo.  And, my "work" aka church is 7 minutes from home!!!

New thing #3:  Helen (mother-in-law) is in HER new home.  She is ensconsed safely in The Silverado which is an Alzheimer's facility.  It is LOVELY!!!  And the care givers have such compassion.  It's small, close to My Guy and his brother.  Hey, that's sort of green too, right?

Spring is also green and all about renewal, regrowth and rebirth.  I'm feeling it in many areas of life.  And if you don't know by now, I do love a good adventure! 


CC said...

Ch-ch-ch-changes.....Sometimes they are good! :)

Pam said...

All good stuff Va. So happy things are going well..and green. :) xoxo And wish I could say the same about my MIL..also in an assisted living for Alz. She's tried to escape 4 times...

Anonymous said...

Congrats on returning to work! I feel sure you will find the extra energy you need soon!
Have a wondeful weekend.

Emily said...

You have so much to be grateful for, and I know you recognize and appreciate it so very much! I'm really happy for you Vava!

Girl Meets Paris said...

I'm excited for you and this new phase of life. Sounds awesome!

Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for your changes!! Always a good thing. My Auntie Mame is now in the Memory Wing of an assisted living home. So sad...I'm writing a blog post tribute. Can't wait to trade in my gas guzzler too! Onward and upward, dear friend! xoxoxo