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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Double the Pleasure!

An original by D. Ballard

If you've kept up with this little ole blog of mine you know I've been waiting on our new sofa.
In the meantime, a dear friend of mine was working on a piece.
I had commissioned her...."to paint what her heart desired."  I love her work.  I trust her.
The only thing she asked of me was the color GREEN of my sofa.
I matched it to a Sherwin Williams color....and waited.

First came the sofa.

She arrived on a Saturday...and was missing that certain sumpin-sumpin...
I hope you've got a color in YOUR home that puts a smile on your face.
This GREEN baby does the trick for me!!

And, then SHE was unveiled....
And the whole family fell in love.

I plan on framing her but had to hang her first.  The Artist and I both see the same type of frame:
...a painted gold wood, rather wide frame.  How about you? 
What do you see framing her, to add to her beauty?

It was a good week!  Double the pleasure, fo sho!


Dawn said...

Oh Vava...they BOTH are sooo lovely...I love the arms on your sofa and that green is delicious:) Your painting well I ADORE it and the Artist!! xoxo

p.s. yes yes, wide gold wood frame fo sho!!

catie said...

i L♥Ve this painting!
{AND the sofa}
{AND the Artist}
{AND you}
i agree with the frame idea...
go big. go bold. go gold. ♥

Dianne said...

Oh Va, I am flattered beyond words. I hope I am worthy of such praise. This painting was pure pleasure from beginning to end. Some works are just like that. Perhaps it was your trust or maybe the yummy shade of green made it such fun. Whatever, SHE is home and happy to be there!!

Emily said...

She's a beauty.
The painting.
The sofa.
The Artist.

Lindad Mallis said...

OMG - what a keepsake that painting is. And what a wonderful conversation piece for your home. You have such a knack for decorating Vava, and obviously your artist friend knew just what that green sofa needed. Your home is so warm and inviting. I need to come for a visit.

Joy said...

Love that green sofa. Not just anybody could pull that off Va, but you did and it is beautiful. The painting is the perfect compliment. I know you will treasure it for always.
I like your idea for the frame.
♥ Joy

Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia said...

Vava, Artist sent me over to your blog. Funny that I landed here today with your post being about your commissioned work from Artist. Of course, it's beautiful... and your sofa too. So glad to be able to read about what's the latest with you. Love your blog. I've subscribed so I can keep up:)

marthaandbo said...

LOVE this room-every little detail/thing about it...the and Dianne, priceless...wish we could all congregate here and VISIT and LAUGH and enjoy one another...:)

MA said...

Everytime I see a green home-thing these days I think of YOU! If I was rich you'd have a dozen pillows stacked up in your mailbox! :)
Love you sweetie!