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Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Restless Life Syndrome**

Mid-life.  55.  Empty Nest.  Some ponder, stew and fret.  I'm fret-free a lot.  If I do begin fretting; I know know how to release it.  However, it is time for a change. There!  I've said it out loud.  "I'm restless...I need to do something."  Yikes.  It's out there now.  Kids are (supposed to be) gone, and thankfully I'm not glued to the phone for calls from the principal anymore.

For some of "us" this is a time of travel, R and R but we're not there...yet.  All in due time.  Well, not DUE time...His time.  I'm trying to listen to God.  Walk with God.  In fact, My Guy and I are reading "Walking with God" by John Eldredge.  As is always the case God has a theme running through the everyday.  Handpicked for moi.  While AT home, I'm to be quiet.  And listen.  Pay attention and when distracted, get still and quiet.  I spent a good part of the early morning reading said book, then snippets from older saints, the Bible, praying, trying to listen...
I have a Doodle Book (that's my name BUT an idea from Tracy Porter) where I write quotes, "aha" ideas, beautiful pictures from magazines of dream destinations or a favorite photo.  I include Scripture that speaks to the moment.  Ya know - a girly-doodle-book.  I opened it today after reading WWG, and doodled away.

I made a list of my talents (whoa, why do so many of us have difficulty with that?).  It seems these talents (or natural affinities) should match up with my next career.  The best part about this stage in life is that I don't have to go back to work.  I want to.  So why not "do" something I love, enjoy and am good at?  Ahhhh, but I am "of a certain age" - almost the 55.  Am I hire-able? 

Well, who knows?  Oh, yes...God knows.  So when I left the quiet this morning, I knew my mission:  it's to seek Him first then be open (receptive).  I do love a good adventure - remember Vava doesn't do boring.
So let me know if you have ideas for my mid-life-crisis-calling.**   

I'll keep y'all posted!


Pam said...

I can't imagine a time where I'm not taking care of someone....where my home is not LOUD..(in a good way!)...maybe this is why I keep having kids. I'm afraid of the quiet. I would love some more time to read, knit, sew, learn a new language..someday. Looking forward to hearing what's next for you. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh Va, you can do ANYTHING!
My take on it? I say start with what you KNOW.
Your entire life, and experience with your sons.
I think you could be an incredible speaker....
a motivational speaker, to help with other parents, teachers, principals and more. Start with gratis engagements,
(Kiwanis, schools, etc.)and soon you'll be getting paid (per Dave Ramsey!). Next: How about the best kind of designer for this economy?
Don't buy new.....move it! Be a consultant at a fraction of the cost of a designer, and tell those fine folks to get that couch away from the wall and angle that area rug!! You've got it, GO for it!! Find a genius seamstress, and do dazzling window treatments and pillows from consignment shop fabrics and bed ensembles. Word will get out in no time that there's a NEW durl in H-Town!!!

Dianne said...

Love you and praying that your eyes will be open to all the possibilities. You do have such good people skills. I can see you as a personal shopper for a large dept store like Nordstroms...keeping shop for a decorator with a boutique...even selling real estate ( you do love houses). You might even enjoy working in a book or garden shop. Be patient and listen as the book says. xoxo

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

...and I must add that for 9 years I've tried at my etiquette consulting biz. The last 2 years it has slowly died. And even then - well, it was not full time. It's all very exciting!

Michael - Innkeeper said...

listen to your heart!

you'll find your calling. do what you love and love what you do!

Girl Meets Paris said...

I got that same idea from Tracy... I love my girly doodle book.

I feel the same way... I haven't worked in 22 years, and sometimes I think about it...

I've decided these 50ish years are the "strange" years. I love being strange.. most of the time!

You can do anything! How about a writer? I would totally read your book about the butler on Long Island!!!

Anonymous said...

This is such an exciting time for you! You can be anything you set your mind to!

Eddie & Jaithan

catie said...

i must agree with eddie & jaithan.
and i think "vava doesn't do boring" is the title of your book.

Celine's Cuisine said...

So many possibilities.... free time this is a luxury nowadays....lucky you! You can be anything you want this is so powerful, Go Virginia!

Dawn said...

I too think you NEED to be a speaker of some have such an amazing way with words!! AND ummm...Eddie Ross left you a cool!!!

annielnb said...

Vava, you have such amazing experiences, and such an amazing life, I think you'd make an awesome author/speaker!!! But, along with everyone else, I think you should pray and are sooo very gifted in soooo many ways, gosh, what to choose??? Ohhhh......write a memoir....what fun!! I can't wait to see what God's gonna do!!!!

LLH Designs said...

My husband went to the "Wild at Heart" retreat with John Eldridge last fall and it was life changing. He then came home and read "Walking with God." A new man, he is. I then went to "Captivating" for women and am slowly trying to let Jesus have more of me each day. Listneing to Him takes time, but it is a most worthy way to spend out time!