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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

St. Steve's

There's a new reality TV show in the works:  St. Steve's.  It's about  a 60+ year old bachelor that sucks the marrow from life:  loves cooking, eating, reading, selling. 

He once had a nice, roomy home - all to himself.  The 'rents moved from Louisiana to Texas and the best place was St. Steve's.  Two bedrooms down, two to go.  Since he's a saint; he allowed a friend to move in.  Three bedrooms down, one to go.  Life moved along....and yes there were adjustments for Steve and his parents but if anyone could do it, The Saint could! 

Said Saint's litte brother has a prodigal son.  This (wayward) child needed a home and no one could quite put him to the streets.  Can you guess?  Yup, in that fourth bedroom.  Add to the mix an occasional girlfriend and two standard poodles that visit weekly. 

I hope it stays on for years.  Really I do.


Dianne said...

This man is a saint and the whole family should honor him!!!!!!

moondiva said...

Can Saint Steve handle 2 mutts and on 17 yr old diva cat(puss)? Deborah