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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Panhandle Perks!

Road trips - we love 'em!  They most often begin with...


...and good tunes!
My Guy can SING this one!

We arrive at THE warmest home in the panhandle of Texas 
and share a libation...

Mornings on the porch are cool.   Doves coo.  And trains whistle.

Fun is not an option.  My sister + brother-in-law host well.

We girls tend to drift from Our Guys.  A girl's gotta do
what a girl's gotta do...
Shop, laugh, get pedis, shop, hit antique stores, eat, shop.

Pete's Greenhouse is a MUST! We played "Where's Patty?"

Time to eat again.  A throwback, The Golden Light!

A little tomfoolery while antiquing!

Friends of all ages are in Amarillo.  A good time for all!

Nary a garage sale escapes us!
"Gabby" got us to our destinations.
(inside joke)
Note The Driver's focus...

"Seriously?  There's a LOOP in Amarillo?"
Seriously....we drove a ways out in the country for this garage sale!

For July 4th, Our Guys even got into Pinterest!   The end result was a hit!

Meet Max.  I tried kidnapping taking him home.  I think he'd really like Houston!

Amarillo behind us, heading south on 287...

home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

...and I agree.  Life IS beautiful!


Emily said...

What a great 4th you had! Love the watermelon!

martha said...

fab post, you hit some of my favorite things to do.....looked like fun...glad ypou had a midsummer's break !

Dianne said...

Perfect time away with loved ones. :)

Privet and Holly said...

Sounds like the perfect
trip away! Those are the
best, when you come home
armed with inspiration from
all that you've seen and
experienced while away.

Happy Weekend, V!

xo Suzanne