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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Sappy Soul am I!

I am such a romantic...but do not play it out very often.  It's usually when I am alone, buried in a book, or melted into a movie!  Suffice it to say, I'm a sap!

Tonight, I did not move, while watching "To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday."  Yes, it is sappy, but the scenery, OH!----struck such a chord in me, that I pushed the "stop" button so that I could stare at the beaches, the sand dunes.

Someday, I WILL live by the sea.

Sunday afternoon, especially THIS one, as I was alone, was sedentary, solitary, and soul-FULL.  While leafing through magazines and ogling cozy cottages, ANOTHER chord was struck.  I could live in a nest.  Our home is not that large; yet...I do not even need this.

...I think I'm leaning toward getting lean.  We need a bedroom, a kitchen, a bedroom for #2 Son when he returns and for guests, and a room full of books.  Throw in a couple of potties, ok, ok.  Really!  What else does one NEED??????

My  Guy shall return tomorrow.  I've had four nights by myself with much time to think.  I wonder what HE'LL think!!!???

Now, all of this processing could very well be due to the fact that on August 1 I head off to India for 11 days.  The Lord has been preparing me for that journey - and I am absolutely thrilled to go.   I've had a visual of a cork or a stopper on my soul...and HE wants ME to pop.  So, pop I shall, in INDIA!

These times of solitude really do a number on my soul.


Dianne said...

God bless you Vava!

catie said...

i mentally whittle down my house, too.
a nest! i could live in a nest!
i bet your trip to india will have you ready to simplify even more... ♥

gretchen said...

I agree with Catie...I bet after your trip to India you will want to simplify even more!!! I can't wait to hear about it! xoxo

Emily said...

We dream of a smaller house and simpler life. Safe travels Vava!

Pam said...

oh i see you by the ocean!! i miss it already! safe travels to india my beautiful friend..xoxo