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Saturday, January 21, 2012 H-Town!

What a FUN day....we headed into town for a couple of errands.  Our favorite optometrist is inside the loop and it's time for a new look - I'm going the Tina Fey route.  Or...Debra Messing in her upcoming show, "Smash."  Darker frames, tortoise shell - a more intelligent look.

Our kale, blueberry and protein shake for breakfast was wearing off; so I googled.  Although we are changing our way of eating, it DOES include a bit of protein.  Burgers - as long as grass fed - are ok.  Yup, I found where in Houston to eat such a burger!

The website will inform you of their location...they're always on the move.  May I say, I thoroughly enjoyed {i.e., devoured!} my burger.  Sans bun + fries.  My piece of grass-fed beef was smothered with bleu cheese, burgundy-infused mushrooms, and "tipsy" onions.  OMgoodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the way to the eye doctor, I chomped gum and chewed on mints to deflect those onions...poor eye docs!  Those close encounters!  Ewwwww.  Any-hoo, had tons of fun picking out my new frames.

Time for a more serious stop.  We went to visit #2 Son.....and felt like tour guides as we helped several couples learn the ropes.  It's rather strange to feel comfortable on Baker Street in Houston.  Our
boy is doing well - God is working within the system.  He's been incarcerated for 9 weeks and is the most stable we've ever seen him.  Since time heals all wounds, I am now ready (i.e., no longer angry) to wrap my arms around him.  In fact, it kills me that we cannot touch.  Talking through the speaker with a thick glass between us is NOT good for mother-love.  Or father-love (especially since My Guy is so tender...).

Speaking of My Guy, he suggested another stop downtown - Phoenicia.  We literally went around the world - it was fascinating to see so many countries represented in food aisles!!!!

An olive oil aisle that went on forever....

Coffees from every corner of the world!

Date Day in H-town is as fun as we make it folks!  Something I want to be intentional about is to step out of my box.  I want to explore - enjoy - and love my days to the fullest.  I'm a lucky gal to have a Guy who wants to hang with me and do the same.  2012 is rockin' thus far!


Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

I loved this that you can make the most of a uncomfortable situation...but you made the most of it. Good for you...2012 hooray!

Dianne said...

It is what you make it! That is what Gretchen always says. :)
Yout date sounds fun and I know your guy was the perfect companion. So very glad R is doing well. 2012 may indeeed be your year!!!
PS...we want to see you in your glasses!!!

Emily said...

Sounds like a wonderful day Vava.
You are living in grace!
And, I see Dianne is able to comment!
Yay!!!!! Wonder how she got it to finally work?

Pam said...

let's see the new goggles!! :) and what a great day! xo

martha said...

oh yes, post a pic with your new eyewear Va!
Good for your date day to be filled. You are amazing.

Dawn said...

Bernie's Burger Bus sounds delish...especially since I am a vegetarian (I cheat sometimes :)

I LOVE olive oil in the can...they are my favorite!

Yes, share your glasses when they come in...I am overdue for a new pair!!