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Sunday, January 15, 2012

CPR for The Soul!

I love my "stuff" - it brings me comfort.  
But, this is getting a little nuts...

That would be the make-up drawer of a product junkie!  And, believe it or not, this is the stuff that I {only} use on a daily basis!  I have more, hidden from sight.  

It's hard for me to keep my "toilette" simple.  But, it IS more appealing, the older I get.  Really!  Who do I need to impress?  IF I get to that less is more look, I'll let you know.

All around me, it's always been more is more.  Friends come over and ask:

"Vava, do you have enough black pencils?"

I think I'm ready to simplify - starting with that toilette of mine, getting organized and purging stuff!

AND, this unexpected season is a gift I never saw coming.  The quiet in our home is just what the doctor ordered.  Literally.  I treasure my early mornings: coffee, journal, my daily must-reads, and time with Him.

In the afternoon, two dogs are it, when I walk in from work.  No other demands of me.  (Well, My Guy, yes.  But I get home a few hours before he does.)

One project that will help organize me is on the drawing board.  We are turning our study into a "library."  It is heavy with furniture: BIG desk, and not-so-pretty free standing bookshelves.  We no longer use the space as originally set up.  I'd like to make every room user-friendly.  John, the carpenter, came by last weekend to measure and the big reveal should be mid-February.  By now, you know I MUST have tons of books.  I plan on organizing them and putting all of them in our "new" room.  The thought of a room for reading just about makes my head a good way!

Part of the reason for writing this year is so our son can read it when he comes home.  He is a fan of mine (blog-wise) and will miss out on Life at Home for many months.  He told My Guy and me: " strong, I am going to make it."  Well, if HE is, so am I!  

Another plan of mine is to be intentional in how I spend time.   I don't want to waste it.  I want to read more than watch TV.  I'd like to do more with friends.  

...have friends to our table.  Talk.  Laugh.  Fellowship.  Friends are "the stuff of life" I DON'T want to purge!  They are a blessing.

Vava's List for 2012
1. Take less time to get ready in the mornings = purge products!
2. Purge each room monthly = dispose of stuff!
3. Get strong = exercise!
4. Read!
4. Stay connected to God!
5. Connect with friends!

Connect + Purge + Read = CPR for my soul!


Dianne said...

Love your CPR!! You're going to have a great year. I just feel it!

Emily said...

Great goals Vava!
I have to meet with friends on a regular basis.
Who needs a therapist when you have good girlfriends?
And, I'm not a big product junkie.
The older I get, I use less makeup (I've never used much anyway), but I have upped my products for "aging" skin, so maybe I am a junkie!!!

gretchen said...

Vava, I'm a product junkie too! I love your CPR. I especially like the "connect" part. xoxo

martha said...

i love your post and i can HARDLY WAIT to see the new library-dreamy...
do post a sneak peek maybe along the way?
I purge from each room. haphazardly, but am trying to be more intentional. Now that we are empty nest, i want to reclaim some rooms, some space, and be SIMPLER and lighter too!

LLH Designs said...

I'm so glad you're still out there! It's been a long while since I've been connected in blog world. Baby steps! I love your CPR. :) Thanks for reconnecting with me!


Dawn said...

CPR genious! I totally missed this post, and NOW I see YOUR black pencils :)