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Monday, July 18, 2011

Learn a Language!

Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages spoke at our church yesterday on the two essentials for successful relationships. It was really good. 

My sis-in-law went with us and since she's My Guy's sister, knows him well. She's always commented on how busy he is. My Guy cleans more than Mr. Clean! He loves a polished, granite kitchen counter. He loves being on top of the laundry. He mops that kitchen floor like nobody's business.  And I don't.  Those "acts of service" do not make me tick.  What does?  Words of affirmation.  (You can take the quiz right here.)

And that is how I love others - by "wording."  I am an encourager and a cheerleader.  It's the way God made me.  Oh, since God made My Guy too, I see!  He's made uniquely.  So, in order to live together well, it would help to speak the language of our spouse.

Mondays are my day off and I treasure them.  We've been out of town a bit and had company for a bit; so it is time for a bit of peace.  All I want to do today is curl up and read, putz around the house.  It is my day off for goodness sake.  But!  My Guy enters the house around 5 pm and [I've always known] he appreciates dinner on the table and a spiffy home.

I better get going and do something around here - acts of service ya know.  Goodness, I've only got an hour, 15...


Dianne said...

Love your guy!

martha said...

yes, words are your gift VaVa!\PS i wish gary would come help me whip things in shape ar here before back-to-school!