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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mother Nature Calls

I like my alone time and always have.  Ever since I was a young girl.
I slipped away for hours entertained by my imagination and books.
In the quiet woods of Connecticut.

It's there where I transformed into whom I longed to be.  Confident, brave and happy.

Jumping from boulder to boulder, I was a heroine defending the poor.

Or meeting My Prince who would swoop me away.

The summers I spent with Mimi filled my soul with the love I craved.  And acceptance.

Yet - I'd still have to get away.  The dunes and ocean were my haven.

I walked for hours dreaming of my future.

In hindsight I know (without a doubt!) I was not alone.  I felt a presence...always.

Mother Nature in all her glory always soothes my soul.

This morning I had to get out there.  There is no ocean but a little lake nearby. 

Rather pretty....for H-town. 

Before I left the house, though, I purposed to have my eyes open.  I wanted to revel in His glory.

And there, for me, everything I love:

Deep fall colors
Pine needles
A breeze

Winding down....and I am praising God for such beauty.  Almost skipping (praying no one sees me!)

And His last gift was waiting there.  Just for me.

Swimming on the lake were drakes and mallards: green, brown...

This little guy - all alone - pure and white.

Ahhhhh.....Mother Nature how I love you.  And thank God for your beauty!!!


Dawn said...

Sounds like a perfect morning!

sewmuchwhimsy said...

Pure bliss...I love it. I so enjoy your writing. oxxoxo Gretchen

catie said...

eyes open? check.
eyes up? check.

Emily said...

So much beauty to behold in this post!
This is why I love camping so much.
Out in the fresh air and with nature for 48 hours straight is a beautiful thing! I do believe being with Mother Nature is a healthy, healthy thing!
And your H-town lake is lovely!

Pam said...

If I don't get outside every day I get cranky. Love your writing, your memories and your photos..xoxo

Dianne said...

No one says it better than you!